10 creative and savvy ways to reuse old chew-toys

Chew-toy may fulfill your dog’s desire for chewing but also cost around 10 USD. On average, dog owners, in America, spend 1285 USD on dog toys per year. Therefore, throwing it away means cash down the drain. Dogs quickly get bored with a chew-toy even if they love it. Regular usage also causes wear and tear. Hence, the lifespan of a chew-toy is short. People usually discard old chew-toys without thinking twice about the wastage of money. There are several ways to utilize old chew-toys. If you cannot use a chew-toy, then make sure that you try to recycle it.

Ways to reuse old chew-toys:

Reusing chew-toys is a dimension unexplored. You just need a little creativity, and anything could be reused. Here are 10 savvy techniques to employ your chew-toys for other purposes. 


If you have a chew-toy made of plastic then you can convert it into a planter. It would be better if it is hollow from the inside. You can simply cut its top and fill it with soil. After this, you can add an actual plant or an artificial one. Putting it in your room or your balcony would provide a good ambiance. You can also combine it with plant hangings to decorate your place.

Food in a basket

If you have chew-toys that look like food, then it is time to put them to use. Drumsticks, bones, chicken pieces, apples, and bananas are great examples of such chew-toys. You can buy a little fruit basket or a cane basket and simply put old chew-toys in it. Make sure that you sterilize these toys before arranging them in the basket. You can put it on your dining table or kitchen. This is a simple DIY trick that provides you a cheap centerpiece for your table.


Dog’s play corner

Every dog has a play corner or a place where a dog spends most of the time. You can simply combine all of the old chew-toys and put it there. If your dog has a bed or a foam mattress, then you can also put these on it. As the dog is familiar with the toys, it would increase the coziness of that place. Therefore, it is always better to set up your dog’s corner with the stuff your dog is already familiar with. 

Curtain holders

Curtain holders are as important as curtains. People use all sorts of curtain holders to attract the attention of people. Curtain holders are a necessary part if you have layered curtains with a sheer curtain underneath. Upper curtains are tied up by a holder to display the sheer curtain. Old rope chew-toys for puppies are the best to be used as a curtain holder. If you want to make it look a little funky, then add other chew-toys to spice it up. You can also make it beautiful by adding any jewelry that you do not use anymore. This is good for the children’s room as it would add a friendly vibe to the room.

Side table pieces

Side table pieces usually have sentimental value. People decorate their side tables with things that remind them of their loved ones. Photo frames, gifts from a loved one, cups, and small clocks are usually found on side tables all around the globe. As pets are like family members to us, therefore, their chew-toys would make for a good side table piece. If you have a puppy, then its chew-toy is tiny. Hence, it would look cute next to your bed and would also remind you of your little baby. 

Wall hanging

Wall hangings give an artistic touch to your house. People spend millions on wall hangings every year. You can simply make one yourself. If you have a bunch of rope chew-toys and tennis balls, then it would make a perfect wall hanging. Hang the tennis balls at the end of each rope toy. Join a bunch of these together and hang it anywhere in your house. Such wall hangings are usually used near stairs or hallways. If you have a baby, then hang it on your baby’s cot.

Toy for children

Children love playing with anything given to them. People buy everything to divert the attention of their children and to provide entertainment. Toys enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity in children. People stock up all sorts of toys for their children but never think of utilizing old chew-toys or dog toys. You just have to clean it properly before giving it to your child. Chew-toys are great for children as they already have an eye on it. Parents usually do not let their children play with dog toys as it is a health risk. 

Car hanging

If you are a decor freak, then you might have a ton of car hangings in your car, a cute keychain, and several other accessories. People hang chains, bracelets, artificial flowers around their rear-view mirrors. Some even hang the passport size pictures of their family. If you want a unique car hanging, then an old chew-toy could serve the purpose. This is another inexpensive trick, as you would just need to get a suitable chain for your dog toy. You could even utilize your old necklace for this.

Fashion accessories

Girls love to use accessories whenever dressing up. People these days are trying ways to stand out and look different. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on such items, you could simply recycle your old dog’s chew-toys. Here are some ways to use fashion accessories:

  • Use a tug of war or a rope chew-toy as a hairband or a pony tie. 
  • Use old denim chew-toys as bandanas. You just have to separate the fabric, and it would be a perfect bandana.
  • Rope chew-toys can also be used as bracelets. 
  • Rope chew-toys can be used as belts for the skirts of children.


Whenever you think of a rope chew-toy, you automatically think of wraparounds. If you have one rope chew-toy, then it could be used as a wraparound for journals or books. If you have a collection of wraparounds, then it could be used around pillars. This would give a colorful touch to your pillar without costing you a penny.


Reusing and upcycling sounds fun, especially these days, when you have nothing else to do. But be careful before recycling. Make sure that you properly clean your toys. Other than that, with just a little creativity, one could do wonders. All you need is patience, and you will enjoy the art of recycling.

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