10 easy to make DIY dog toys

Every house has stuff lying around, which no one uses. But is that stuff useless? Your first answer must be no. Think about it again! Nothing is ever useless. You just need to think thoroughly and out of the box to make anything useful. Just a little touch here, and there would be enough to make anything beneficial. If you have a little time on hands, then put in some thought to utilize that time efficiently. 

Easy to make dog toys

Dogs love a new dog toy, but they also get bored of one easily. Therefore, dog owners are always trying to find more dog toys. Now you do not need to find a dog toy as you can make them easily at your home. Here are 10 easy to make DIY dog toys:

Water bottle in a tee-shirt:

We all have old tees in our cupboards. Some of us have so many old tee shirts that sometimes even we forget that we still own them. It’s time to take them out from the graveyard of your cupboard and gift them to your dog. Here is how you can do it:

  • Get a water bottle.
  • Wrap any old tee shirt around that water bottle, and it could be a perfect chew toy for your furry bear.

Tug of war toy with a tennis ball and a tee

We have got you prepared for the next tug of war session with your doggie dog. All you need is a tennis ball and an old tee for this one. Here are the steps:

  • Cut your tee in two pieces. 
  • Twist both around each other. 
  • Cut two holes in a tennis ball.
  • Pass the twisted pair of the tee-shirt through those holes
  • Tie a knot on one end. 

An old pipe

One can easily find old pipes around the house. We all have some extra pipes stocked up due to a plumbing experiment. Here is how you can upcycle it:

  • Cut some holes in it and put dog treats in it to make it an interactive toy for your pup.
  • Or wrap a sock around it to make it a cute chew toy.

Knotted socks

We all have lost socks in the dry cleaner or during laundry. The best way to make use of the left ones are to give it to your lovebug. Here are some ways:

  • Just knot them together, and you have a perfect toy for your puppy. 


  • Knot them together. 
  • Dip it in freezing ice water. 
  • And put it in the freezer. 
  • Leave it there for a while and give it to your dog. 

A pencil for a fetch toy

For this one, you need three things: a pencil, a thread, and any small toy (a block, a chew bone, etc.). Here are the steps:

  • Cut a hole in your toy. 
  • Attach a string by making sure that the knot is tight. 
  • Join it with the pencil.

It is a simple fetch toy if you want to play with your dog without moving much. You can make your dog chase the toy as well. This is excellent for a training session with your dog.

Cupcake tray or an interactive puzzle?

Cupcake trays do the best interactive puzzles. Interactive puzzles are important for dogs as they provide mental stimulation to them. Mentally stimulated dogs are happier than other dogs. Therefore, dog owners should always get interactive puzzles for their dogs. Here is one method to do an interactive puzzle at home:

  • Cut tennis balls into half or use small caps from perfumes or water bottles.
  • Get a cupcake tray and put treats in some of the holders. 
  • Cover all of the holders with the previously mentioned tennis balls or caps. 
  • Make your dog find dog treats. 
  • Make sure to change the order of treats every time.

Old denim or a chew toy?

We all have ripped jeans that we have used a little too much. People mostly convert denim to clothes for cleaning the house. But we have a better method that would also make your dog happy. Here is a trick:

  • Cut your denim into small pieces and braid them together. You will have a rope chew toy or a tug of war toy. 
  • Cut denim into two pieces and knot them together. 
  • Or you can simply make several knots in one large piece of denim.

Denim is a good choice for a chew-toy as it would last a lifetime. 

A rope toy from old tee shirts

Dogs love rope chew-toys, and we love old tee shirts. For this one, you can get a little creative by using several old tee shirts. All you need to do is cut your tee shirt into several pieces and braid them together.   

Spin a bottle 

Anything that spins and does not get in control of your dog is the best attraction for your dog. Here is how you can make this toy:

  • Get a hanger and a water bottle. It is better if you use fizzy drink bottles as they are made of plastic.
  • Cut two holes in the water bottle. 
  • Pass the hanger through those holes and hang it anywhere. 

 This is an excellent toy to keep your dog busy for hours.

Used tissue rolls in a container

Think thrice before throwing a used tissue roll because there are several savvy ways to reuse it. Here’s one for your dog:

  • Find a small container. 
  • Depending on the size of the container, collect up to 10 or 15 tissue rolls.
  • Put the rolls in that container. 
  • Add dog treats to some of the rolls.

This is also an interactive puzzle. Make your dog locate the treats in that container. You can play this little game during dinner to make meal sessions interesting.


These methods are just a few chosen ones from an overflowing stack of similar methods. There are several YouTube channels based on such DIY tricks. We all have the information needed for these activities. At the end of the day, it all depends on you. You have to find the motivation to sit down and think about ways that would stop you from wasting material. Other than that, these activities are also a way to kill boredom. You can ask your kids to help you. It would result in an epic bonding session full of fun and excitement. Nevertheless, indulging in such activities is always fun.

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