5 reasons to have your dog’s portrait painted

Pet owners are similar to new parents who try to capture every moment of their toddler. Pets owners do the same to keep those moments alive forever. This is not a new trend among pet owners. Famous artists are known for painting the four-legged friends of prince and princesses since the beginning of humanity. Pet portraits have now shifted to digital art, but the popularity persists.

Pets Uniq is a pet portrait company. We try our best to capture your furry little friend. Our team makes a customized portrait with the background of your choice for your little friend. Some customers love famous paintings as backgrounds for their pet’s portrait. Here are our top five picks to have your dog’s portrait painted:

Show off your love

Pet portraits are considered a token of love. When we truly love something, we naturally want to express our appreciation. Dog owners usually consider dogs as their family. Dogs have the capability of understanding the emotions, tensions, and moods of their owners. Therefore, a dog is a man’s best friend. This creates a special bond between the two. One way to celebrate the bond you have with your tiny furry friend is by getting its portrait made. It would be a beacon of your love by being the center of attention in your house. It would immediately draw the attention of the people coming to your house. This would give you a chance to talk about your pup and explain your love. Being vocal about love increases the intensity of love. Moreover, it would give you a chance to appreciate the importance of your canine friend. 


To encapsulate memories

Pets grow up in a matter of a blink. One day they are puppies and another day, a full-grown dog. We love capturing their growing stages. Pet portraits are a great way to keep a memory alive. These memories in the form of a portrait could be a way to remember them even when they are gone. It is a sad reality, but we have to accept that pets do not stay forever. Therefore, a portrait would last a lifetime. After all, we all need something to look back on.

To capture your dog’s personality

A piece of art always has a sentimental value tied to it. The sentimental value depends on you and the artist. Similarly, you can add more sentimental value to your dog’s portrait as well. Carefully choose the background, outfit, and picture style for your dog’s portrait. It should resonate with your pup’s personality. It should exuberate the same energy, vibe, and colors as your dog’s personality. You can add elements and items that remind you of your dog. Therefore, portraits are a great display of your dog’s personality. Make sure that you use all of your creative abilities while getting your dog’s portrait made.

Support a cause

Pet portraits could be a lot more than just capturing a memory. Dogs are lovable by all humans equally. So why not use them to support a cause. Several pet portrait artists donate half of their earnings to stop pet cruelty. Several animal shelters work with artists all across the globe to earn money for the sheltered animals. You could also use your portrait to portray the problems that animals face. You can ask other people from your community to join you. Then, you can raise awareness by letting people from your school, workplace, or neighborhood see it. This could also give you a chance to talk about the issues. These little furry bears could not express their sufferings, but we have the power to help them. Therefore, pet portraits could subtly be used to encapsulate memories while raising awareness, spreading a positive message, and support a cause.

Share a story

As mentioned before, dog portraits are a great way to encapsulate memories. You can make a timeline by the usage of mere dog portraits. Similarly, a dog portrait could also be a great way to tell a story. You can add a specific theme to your dog’s portrait with the help of a good artist. Pet portraits could also be used to capture an event. For example, if an event holds a special place in your heart because of your canine friend, then combine the two. You need to guide the artist in finding the perfect background, composition, concept, and colors for the portrait. You can also dress your dog up for the portrait. It would add a different shade to the overall portrait. Hence, telling a story via a portrait results in a masterpiece. It is also unique in a way that whenever you look at it, it will remind you of your dog and the event associated with it. Thus, resulting in a trip to nostalgic town.


The above reasons are proof of why pet portraits have always been a part of our lives. Pets fill the heart of their owners with love. They could not help but feel truly grateful for their pets. This results in them trying to find ways to express that love. Pet portraits are not just a unique photograph; it has several meanings. It is beyond just a dog’s face on a canvas. It can capture memories, events, and history. It could also be a reminder of your time with your dog. It could be way more than just a portrait. It could help you support a cause that could affect several little beings. Thus, a pet portrait is much more meaningful than you think. Therefore, be creative with your pet portrait. Pets Uniq has a ton of options for customized pet portraits. We can provide you necessary guidance in choosing the best one for your dog. We at Pets Uniq make sure that you experience pure happiness while getting your pet’s portrait made. Hence, the entire process at Pets Uniq is like a breeze.

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