6 new year resolutions for your cat

The new year is a time of hope and happiness for most of us. We look back 12 months and see how much we have accomplished. It makes us grateful for our blessings and thankful for the people around us. We look at our mistakes and try to understand ourselves. We promise ourselves that we will avoid those mistakes in the future. While we are busy with musings, some people use this time to reflect and use the lessons from their past year to write resolutions for the new year.

But why should this be limited to us only? We can make a resolutions list for our cats as well. It is indirectly a resolution list for ourselves. It will give us a direction, and it will help us look after our cats in a better way. Thus, get on it and make a small list for the betterment of your cat. You can add everything to avoid rookie mistakes.

New year resolutions for your cat

Pets Uniq has made a list for your cat. You can add your items. This list is just to give you an idea of what to add to the list. 

Following are six new year resolutions for your cat:

1.    Schedule a daily playtime

This mistake is made by several cat owners all around the globe. People assume that only dogs need proper playtime as they need more physical stimulation. People neglect this need for cats by telling themselves that cats do not need attention and a dedicated playtime. But they could not be more wrong. Cats need playtime to connect themselves to their nature. It helps them sharpen their reflexes and coordination skills. Cats can get bored if you do not provide the space and time for playing. It usually results in aggression and destructive behavior. Therefore, promise yourself that you will set up playtime for your kitty. It will bring you closer to your cat. You can think of several games and buy cat toys for your cat. Thus, be creative and mindful of playtime. It will keep her active.


2.    Brush their teeth more often

Not brushing the teeth of your cat can cause severe issues. Cats are curious animals. They love to explore everything they see. This often results in them sniffing random items. If your cat is an outdoor cat, her dental health is already at risk. She might have tried eating grass, animals, lizards, and cement. It causes plaque and tartar in their teeth. Thus, promise yourself to brush the teeth of your kitty regularly. Make this a new year resolution for your cat. Ask your vet to suggest a good toothbrush and toothpaste for your cat. It is one of the best ways to take care of the hygiene of your kitty.


3.    Buy them one a new toy

Cats often do not need a lot of toys to stay happy. They can play with anything. Most cats are attracted to random items in the house. For example, tissues, cloth, and cardboard. Therefore, you would not need to stock up on toys. However, getting a structural toy can be very healthy and productive. Such toys are made to serve a purpose. Following toys are structural as they are helpful to your cat:

  • Scratching posts make for a great gift. Cats have an urge to scratch. They do it when they are overwhelmed or stressed. They do it to mark their territory. Therefore, getting it would help her sharp her claws and fulfill her desire to scratch.
  • Cat trees are also very beneficial for cats, as cats love to climb. They need something to practice their climbing skills. Therefore, these are great if your cat loves heights. It can also become a haven for your kitty as it would provide her an isolated spot. It will allow her to get a break from human beings.

Hence, make a new year resolution to get your cat a structural toy. It will help your cat become happier and healthier.


4.    Schedule visits to the vet

All cat owners are guilty of missing vet visits. This is a norm despite how responsible you are. Most cat owners only take their cats to the vet for vaccines, and if your cat gets sick. Therefore, people forget to take their cats to the vet otherwise. This is a huge mistake as it delays the diagnosis of a disease. Thus, make a new year resolution to schedule vet visits regularly. If you cannot afford regular visits or do not have the time, try taking her to the vet once in 2 months. It will be easy to manage, and it will be easy on your pocket.


5.    Help your cat get more exercise

As mentioned above, people often do not arrange playtime for cats. People think that cats are lazy and do not crave physical stimulation. They are partly right as cats spend 16 to 18 hours a day sleeping. Despite all of this, they need physical stimulation to stay healthy. Lack of exercise can cause them to gain weight. Some cats become obese due to a lack of exercise. It usually applies to indoor cats. Outdoor cats, however, are active and healthier. Therefore, you should start working on exercising your lazy cat. Make sure she jumps, climbs on trees/ furniture, and run around the house every day. It will keep her muscles functioning and healthy. Other than that, you can buy the toys that make her run around the house.


6.    Maintain a healthy diet

Cats also need a check on their diet. First of all, keep a calorie count. Do not overfeed her as it will result in obesity. Other than that, keep her away from human foods. Consult your vet to find a perfect diet according to the age and breed of your kitty. Your cat might show some resistance, but she will get used to it. Add items in her diet that will make her strong and healthy. Add items to prevent different diseases. Add items to make her bowel movements smooth. Thus, be careful before giving anything to your cat.



Make New Year’s Eve special for yourself and your cat. Promise yourself that you will follow all of these resolutions religiously. It will make your cat happy and healthy. It will also add a routine to your life.

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