7 Awesome Signs Of Dogs Show Affection

Humans find it easy to express love for their pets. Our pets appreciate a belly rub, a treat, or a snuggle session on the sofa. You have your own ways to show affection to dogs, but have you ever considered how your dog expresses their love for you?

Dogs, thankfully, communicate clearly if you know what to look for. Dogs use their entire body to express their emotions, from nose to tail. Continue reading to learn about the many ways that dogs express love.

Nosing From Dogs

Do you ever have your dog come up to you and nudge you with their nose? This may be a sign of affection from your dog, a way for him to say, “Hey, I like you!” Of course, dogs use nose-nudging to get your attention or to let you know you’re in their way. If the nose-nudge is followed by a soulful look or more full-body touch, you’ll know your dog is showing love.

Eye Contact From Dogs

When it comes to strengthening the friendship, nothing beats some deep eye contact. It’s true when you’re in a human relationship—and it’s true when you’re in a dog relationship.

Eye contact with your dog will help you create confidence, reinforce your friendship, and bond. Dog eye contact will also reveal more about your dog’s personality, emotions, and needs.

The act of making eye contact is a personal one. It’s a sign of confidence and love for many pets. If your dog keeps eye contact with you on a regular basis, it means they are really attached to you. When your dog looks at you, the same hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies is released in their brain. The same thing happens in your head.

Notice the difference between affectionate and threatening eye contact. We don’t suggest staring down an inexperienced or anxious dog. Instead, look for chances during the day to make and maintain eye contact with your dog. Consider it as a process of building confidence over time.


Is it common for your dog to stretch out next to you and let out a long, contented sigh? Dogs’ contentment is expressed by soft vocalizations such as sighs and low groans.

If your dog snuggles up to you and sighs, it means they are safe and secure in your company.


Even among dogs, kissing is a universal sign of love! Depending on the case, big, sloppy dog tongues can be a little gross. Your dog, on the other hand, is saying, “I love you so much!” by licking you.

Licking may also be used to indicate a lower social standing. When your dog licks you, she might be showing her appreciation for your authority (and that she loves you, of course).


Here’s a show of affection that you may not want to promote. Jumping is an unwelcome dog habit for many people. Reframing it as a romantic act of enthusiasm, on the other hand, could be beneficial. When your dog gets extra bouncy around you, it’s a sign that they care.

Dogs are attracted to people’s faces, and jumping will help them get closer. Consider this: by jumping up, your dog can get a better look at your eyes or reach out to you for a friendly lick. Jumping can be a stressful habit, but remember that the next time your dog jumps up, it’s just to show you that they care.

Leaning To You

The lean is my personal favorite expression of affection from my dogs. When your dog approaches you and leans their whole weight against your legs, they are demonstrating their complete confidence in you. The lean is like a full-body hug for many dogs.

Some leans, however, may also indicate anxiety or control. The relaxed and quiet affectionate lean. Other signs of relaxation in your dog include a slightly open mouth, gentle eyes, and a softly wagging tail.

Dog Rolling

A dog rolling onto their back and asking for belly rubs says “I want you.” The roll-over, like the lean, demonstrates a high level of confidence and relaxation. When your dog flops down and wags his tail, he’s showing you how much he likes and trusts you.


We’ve covered the most popular ways that dogs express their affection in this post, but dogs, like humans, are all different. Take a closer look at your pet’s actions to see if you can spot how your dog says “I love you!” in a special way.

Which of the points caught your attention the most? Do you have any pets at home? Can they express their love for you in some unique way? Please feel free to share your story in the comments!

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