9 tips to keep cats and dogs happy indoors

Lockdown is getting to us now. Most countries globally have spent 4 to 5 months in a strict lockdown, which has caused several problems. Families and couples are breaking apart, but this time has made our pets feel like home. Most people are spending a lot of time with their pets due to COVID-19. Pets like dogs need physical stimulation to stay active. But dog parks are closed; therefore, they are stuck home as well. Hence, we all are looking for activities to keep our pets happy and warm.

Tips to keep cats and dogs happy indoors

Pets Uniq has prepared a list of tips to keep your cat and dog happy at home. These will help you to save your pets from cabin fever. The following tips can help you and your pets while staying at home:

1.    Stick to their routine

Pets are very serious about their routines. They have a biological clock within themselves. For example, cats are aware of when they are fed. Therefore, they usually get up around that time. During the time of COVID, it has become impossible for humans to keep their routines, but do not let your pet match your routine. Do not let them sleep late and get up at an irregular time. Make sure that their pre-lockdown routine is still followed. Feed them, clean them, play with them, and snuggle with them at their usual time. Be sure that you are consistent. Otherwise, your dog or cat will become cranky or aggressive. Some cats and dogs even become depressed in such conditions.


2.    Be intentional about rest time

Pets need rest time. They are not human beings who can stay busy all day and need some time off. For example, cats sleep 16 to 20 hours a day. If you keep them busy all day, they will become tired. It will be very tough for them to function properly. People often think that keeping their pets busy will discipline them like babies. But this does not apply to animals. Thus, give them breaks to let them relax.

3.    Let them chew it out

Dogs and cats love extra treats from time to time. Several treats are available in the market that your pet can chew on for hours. They are beneficial for conference calls, school meetings, online classes, and when you want to nap. You can give it to them, and it will keep them busy and occupied for a while.

Note: Do not overfeed your dog with these treats. Keep track of how many calories you feed them.


4.    Exercise, exercise, exercise

Lockdown has caused all parks to close down.  This has resulted in a lot of pent-up energy in dogs, as they need physical and mental stimulation to stay active. Similarly, some cats also need some time out. But it is impossible to take them out. Therefore, you have to look after them within your boundaries. Make space in your house by moving some furniture. You can make your pet run around the house, up and down the stairs, and even do pet yoga with them!

These activities will keep you and your pet healthy. Therefore, do your best to schedule activities all around the day. Do not overwhelm your pet, but do your best to keep them active. Make several routines and keep changing routines to keep them interested.

5.    Play some mind games

Animals find mental stimulation very exciting, but it also tires them out. A little mental stimulation can quickly exhaust them. Therefore, lockdown is the perfect time to make use of this. You can do this by teaching them new tricks. You can make your cat and dog learn how to dance. You can make them understand different orders. Pets feel positive whenever they get proper mental stimulation. People use interactive toys with treats during mealtime. It makes mealtimes fun and fulfilling. Thus, keep your pet mentally occupied.


6.    Be a considerate roommate

Our pets are our roommates. They usually spend more time in the house than we do, but we are invading their space during the lockdown. They get overwhelmed with our presence all day long. Therefore, be mindful of their boundaries. Do not make noise when they are sleeping or relaxing. Do not throw your stuff here and there. Keep their space clean and calm. Try to keep the noises in your house low. Make the environment of the house warm for your pet. This is suitable for the physical and mental health of your pet.

7.    Get children involved

Children and pets are the best combination. Kids can be a pain sometimes. They are full of energy, and it is impossible to control them. Therefore, use your kids to keep your pets occupied. You can make your kids help in training your pets. It will be good for their learning as well. Kids become more responsible and mature when they are given responsibility for their pets. Therefore, create game plans that revolve around your pets and kids.


8.    Stick to a healthy diet

We cannot stress this enough. A healthy diet is important for cats and dogs. You have to count the calories of your pet as well. Talk to your vet to reduce the calorie count. This is because of reduced levels of activity. Therefore, make sure you switch him to healthier options. Do not feed him a fat inducing diet, but pick lighter and richer options. Designate a specific time for eating. Make sure your pet stays hydrated as well.

9.    Create a ‘safe spot’

Cat owners know the importance of a safe spot. All cat owners have safe spots in their houses, but the need for a safe spot doubles in lockdown. It is because these safe spots give them some time off from human beings. They can easily get overwhelmed due to extra attention from the owners. Also, all family members are at home. Thus, the noise and the hustle-bustle will stress them out. Therefore, provide them a quiet place to hide and relax. Let them nap there from time to time. It will keep them calm.



The above points are a great way to keep yourself occupied. You can add creativity and make lockdown fun. Your pets love spending time with you. Just keep a healthy distance and balance in everything. Other than that, make the most out of this time.

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