Are pumpkins safe for cats?

We all remember pumpkins for their importance on Halloween. We see giant orange colored plumps everywhere near us. We use them to decorate our houses and streets. But there are a lot of other benefits of this orangey stuff. It is not only healthy on the whole, but its seeds provide health benefits as well. It has vitamins A, B2, C, and E. These benefits aren’t limited to human beings only.

Pumpkin is equally healthy for cats. It contains iron, potassium, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and phosphorous. Therefore, it has various advantages for cats of all sizes. You can use a pumpkin cat costume to make your cat look cute on Halloween. You can also use pumpkin to feed your cat. But there are pumpkin allergic cats as well. These cats harm your kitty more than anything else. Hence, make sure that your cat isn’t pumpkin allergic.

Pets Uniq has complied the benefits of pumpkins for cats for our dear customers. Following are the reason why you should feed pumpkins to your little buddy:

Pumpkins for constipation in cats

Pumpkins can be used for constipated cats. Digestive issues are pretty common in cats. The laxatives found in the market usually cause other problems such as diarrhea. This means your cat will get sicker than before. Therefore, it is preferable to use healthy foods as medicine. Canned pumpkin treats constipation while preventing diarrhea. This is because pumpkins have insoluble fiber in it. This is used to regulate the normal functioning of the digestive tract. Hence, a good dose of pumpkins can treat constipation in cats.

Pumpkins for diarrhea

Diarrhea is another common disease in cats. Kittens are more prone to getting diarrhea. People usually get confused while dealing with diarrhea. They take food and water away from the kitty. Starving her can cause several more issues. Therefore, change the items in her diet instead of completely removing everything from her diet. You can add 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of pumpkin in her diet whenever you notice diarrhea. This will be effective in just a few hours. Vitamin A, C, E, and potassium absorb excess water from the stool of the cat. This makes the stool thicker and slowly treats diarrhea.

Note: Diarrhea should never be taken lightly because it is mostly a sign of something else. Take your cat to the vet immediately and get a proper prescription. Give pumpkin to her till you are waiting for the vet’s appointment.

Pumpkin for treating an upset stomach

As mentioned above, pumpkin is excellent for digestive issues. It fixes an upset stomach. You can give it to your cat when you are changing her diet. Feeding the same cat food to your cat might cause her to develop sensitivity towards other foods. This is why it is suggested to keep changing cat food after a while. This prevents allergies. But this can also upset the stomach of your cat whenever you switch to another cat food. Therefore, it is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of pumpkin to your kitty’s diet whenever you are switching.

Pumpkin to remove hairballs

Cats digest hair and fur of their bodies while grooming themselves. This often results in piled-up hairballs in their bodies. This can also be treated with pumpkin. Give pumpkin to your kitty to remove any piled-up hairball in the digestive tract. This happens because of the pulpy substance of pumpkins.

Weight loss

Pumpkin can be used for feline weight loss. This is because the insoluble fiber makes your cat full for a long time. Feed it to your cat to prevent overeating. Small portions of pumpkin will make your kitty feel satisfied for a longer time. It is a low-calorie food with high nutritional value.

Vitamins and essential acids

Following are the benefits of pumpkin to cats:

  • Vitamin A makes your eyes and vision healthier.
  • Beta-Carotene prevents cancer.
  • Vitamin C increases immunity, controls inflammation, and protects the joints of cats.
  • Essential acids are used for making the skin and coat healthier and shinier.

Pumpkin seeds as a natural dewormer

Cats are infected with tapeworms at least once in their lives. Fleas usually cause tapeworms. You can cure tapeworms by giving medication to your cat. But some cats are sensitive to medicines. Thus, use pumpkin seeds to deworm worms. Pumpkin seeds have amino acids in them. This paralyzes the worms, and the worms are washed out of the body. Therefore, crush the pumpkin seeds and add a few spoons to your kitty’s diet. Repeat this for ten days, and your kitty will be cured.

Pumpkin seeds as antioxidants

There is a high quantity of antioxidants in pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are good for controlling inflammation in the body. These qualities make pumpkin seeds highly efficient in treating cardiovascular problems and diseases.


Pumpkins are healthy for your feline friends. They can completely change the immune system of your kitty. But choose the right kind of pumpkin for your kitty. Canned pumpkin is generally preferred to other types of pumpkins. You can also cut the pumpkin into pieces and add it to the normal food of your kitty. Keep increasing the quantity until your cat gets used to it. You can freeze small chunks and give it to your kitty whenever it gets hot outside. Feed 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds to your kitty. Make sure that it is properly ground.


The above benefits aren’t limited to cats only. You can get the same results for your canine buddy. But giving pumpkin isn’t a proper treatment. Your cat might get better for a while but would need an appropriate prescription. However, her condition will significantly improve. Therefore, if you notice stomach issues, then start giving pumpkin to your kitty. Contact your vet immediately and find the actual reason. Other than that, make sure your kitty isn’t allergic to pumpkins. Add pumpkin to the normal diet of your cat as well. This will prevent diseases from happening. Thus, it is the best resort for cats of all ages.

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