Common behavior problems in puppies and how to handle them

It’s soothing to look at a sleeping puppy, isn’t it? But it is vexing to see the same puppy ruin your house. New puppies are difficult to control since they don’t understand commands. If your puppy is acting out of the ordinary, then it could be a warning sign. These are early signs which indicate your puppy has behavioral issues. You need to stop them immediately because it results in problematic adult dogs. Therefore, start working on your puppy as soon as you notice any sign. 

Here are the five most common behavior problems in dogs:

Excessive chewing

Dogs have an instinct to chew on everything. Teething puppies are drawn towards chewing anything they see. A teething puppy is likely to destroy everything. It could range from clothes to curtains and sofas. Therefore, if chewing becomes excessive, then it should be taken care of.


Chewing is natural for teething puppies; hence, it is pointless to stop them. They have to chew to ease the pain. Therefore, stop your inconvenience by providing them several chew toys. Chew toys come in different shapes and sizes. Get the one suitable for teething puppies. Get a bunch of such toys if your pocket allows. Train your puppy to chew on it. Thus, your puppy would stop chewing on everything it finds.

Excessive nipping

This one is similar to chewing. Puppies love nipping their owners. If your puppy has this habit, then you might have several marks on your body. The underlying reason behind this is that puppies love to explore via their mouths. Their mouths help them to understand their environments. They relate different tastes to different experiences. You can’t do much here because this is just a phase. But your pup should learn that biting human beings is bad.


You can stop this behavior without getting angry or shouting. Shouting would worsen the situation. Instead of pushing your puppy away and reaction, let out a muffled cry. Yowling also helps as dogs consider it a sign of pain. Dogs are fast learners; therefore, yowling and yelping are enough to teach them.

Pent up energy

Puppies are tiny beings full of energy. The excessive pent up energy makes them jump here and there. A puppy has two moods only. They are either moving here and there while making a fuss or are calmly sleeping somewhere. Puppies start finding grey zones as they grow up. But before doing so, they are difficult to control. Dogs owners keep finding ways to calm their pups down, but they seem never to get tired.


The solution to this is exhausting them. Arrange several play sessions. Walk your puppy for a longer period as well. You have to find ways to utilize their pent-up energy. Make your pup run on a treadmill if you own one at home. Puppies require physical and mental stimulation. Therefore, you have to provide them both. You can get several toys for this. Rope toys and tug of war toys are suitable to provide necessary physical stimulation. Whereas interactive puzzles are good for mental stimulation. Make sure to stock up on interactive puzzles as your pup could get bored of one.

House-training issues

Puppies aren’t potty trained and don’t understand that they have to poop in the litter box only. Therefore, you can expect them to poop and pee everywhere in the house. You can expect poop stains and pee everywhere, in your home, from rugs to sofas. Puppies are a bit tricky to train. You can take them out for hours, but they would only poop when bringing them in. Hence, training a dog to poop at a specific place requires consistency and patience from your end.


Make a schedule that revolves around mealtimes for your pup. Puppies usually forget when they need to poop. Therefore, always make your puppy visit their litter box or take them out for a walk after food. Housetraining takes significant time. Therefore, be patient and stay positive. Make your dog realize that it is wrong to poop anywhere other than the specified spot. Be consistent with your effort because once your pup grows up, it would be difficult to train it then.

Excessive barking

Dogs love to bark playfully. It is their way of communicating with human beings and other animals. Sometimes dog bark to indicate that they are bored. Sometimes dog bark to call other dog friends. Sometimes they bark to attract the attention of their owners or to indicate that they are hungry. These are pretty normal, but if you notice excessive barking without any reason, then it is a problem. Excessive barking could be due to several underlying reasons. Puppies yowl and whine to indicate that they are lonely, sad, or depressed. This also shows aggression. Therefore, it needs to be stopped early on. It would be hard to manage once your pup becomes a full-grown dog.


One of the best solutions is to command train your dog. Command training comes with positive reinforcement. You can use their favorite dog treat to train them. Dogs think with their mouths; therefore, it is a very effective trick. Spend a lot of time with them. Cuddle with them whenever they start yowling. Cuddling strengthens the bond between the owner and a pup. It also calms the pup.


These problems can be solved. You just need to put in the right effort before it is too late. Puppies grow up in a matter of one blink. You have to take every step consciously. If your puppy doesn’t have the problems mentioned above, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Train your dog at your own pace. But if your pup develops any of these problems, then try your best to change their behavior. Make sure to match your pace with your dog. Puppies are tiny being with little to no understanding of their environment. Therefore, help them but also let them explore their environment. Do not stop their growth just because they have problematic behavior. Be patient throughout their growing phase as you are likely to witness several challenges. Hence, your attitude and your understanding of your pup matter the most.

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