Do Dogs Feel Better After A Bath?

Have you ever bathed for your dog or watched clips of dog bathing on the Internet? Take care of the pet is one of the headache tasks that every owner has to deal with. You may see that most dogs object to you bringing them into the tub for a wash-up. Then after that, do they feel better? There are no correct answers to this, but there are a few hints that express your dog’s feelings.

Signs Of Comfort

We, humans, love bathing. We can immerse ourselves in a long bath without complaining, but some dogs find it stressful. The reason may be because they are afraid of water, are uncomfortable touching their body in certain ways, or are afraid of the noise coming from a hairdryer and they think a bathroom is not a quiet place at all to relax. Under such circumstances, your puppy can simply be overjoyed at the end of bathing and celebrating. If your dog feels trapped or too inhibited in the bath, he will appreciate the moment you release it from the tub, regaining its freedom. This can make the dog so happy that he runs around the house.

Unusual Feeling

The feeling of dampness, exposure to strange odors from bath oils and bath soaps, as well as feeling the weight of the water that makes their bodies heavier can be unusual for many dogs. This “bath embarrassment” syndrome may simply be a way for your dog to dry out more quickly. Shaking up splashing water, rolling on the ground, rubbing things like fabric upholstery, and running to let air move through your body are probably the attempts to dry the coat faster.

Play Time

Not all dogs feel stress when bathing. Some dogs that enjoy playing in the water may become agitated after swimming in a pool, jumping into a pool, or walking in the rain. In these cases, the dog only likes to run and play when wet. If two wet dogs are allowed together, they will most likely create an active play session after bathing. In those cases, perhaps being wet makes some dogs feel more alert and excited.

Many owners have testified that their puppies go crazy after bathing. The cause of weird actions after a bath is still a mystery. With the exception of the barking, our canine friends cannot reveal what is actually going on in their minds. However, a dog’s behavioral history coupled with its body language can be of some help in finding clues to the cause of these actions.


After all, bathing for a dog is an awesome task for every pet owner to treat and care for beloved puppies. Taking the shower with dogs is also fun and bathing for dogs will bring both of you and dogs more than what you can imagine. Dogs may feel crazy, happy, or other emotions when bathing, but still enjoy the cleanness, under the care of the owner. So don’t hesitate to shower your dogs and bring them the best feelings after a bath!

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