Dog walking tips that every dog owner should know

The number of times you should walk your dog depends on the age, breed, and your dog’s exercise tolerance. It is generally recommended to walk your dog at least once per day. But since human beings are lazy, 40% of people admit that they never walk their dogs. Dog owners should never skip walking their dogs as it is essential to keep a dog healthy. 

Tips for walking your dog

Dog owners have busy schedules due to which owners skip walking their dogs. It is better to be proactive and prepared to reduce the overall walking time. Here are some of the tips every dog owner should know: 

Dog poop

Picking up your dog’s poop is as essential as walking your dog. If you do not pick up your dog’s poop, it could cause several health problems. It could also spread several diseases. It is a health hazard as it could contain hookworms and roundworms. If not properly cleaned, these organisms live on the soil or ground for days. Therefore, it is your duty, as a responsible neighbor, to pick up your dog’s poop. 

One way to deal with this is always to carry poop bags. Poop bags are easily found in stores and are easy to carry. It is always suggested to put extra poop bags around your house as well, for example, in the mailbox, or under your doormat. 

Staying hydrated

Dogs have trouble regulating their temperatures; therefore, it is important to keep them hydrated during walks. Make sure that you bring enough water for you and your dog, depending on the duration of the walk. Take special care of this in warm weather as dogs easily get dehydrated. Hence, always keep a water bottle.

Sniffing is important 

Walks have different importance in the world of dogs. It is the only time dogs get to enjoy and explore this world. Therefore, it is important to let them sniff around. This is beneficial and provides them necessary mental stimulation. Walking should provide both mental and physical stimulation to your dog. If you do not want your dog to sniff around everywhere, then decide a spot. Leave your dog there for a while and let them explore. Let them smell and endure the changes in the neighborhood.


Every year 10 million dogs and cats are lost in the US. We should never ignore this factor as your dog could be one of them. Therefore, make sure that your dog has a proper identification tag. You should either get a customized collar for your dog or get your dog microchipped. Custom made collars have your name, phone number, and address on it, which helps in finding your dog. If you get your dog microchipped, then make sure that you also get your information registered on it. This helps people to identify you if they scan your dog for a chip. Hence, these steps are mandatory to ensure the safety of your dog. 


Several dogs get hurt by the leashes their owners use. Sometimes dogs get severe burns from the excessive pulling of the leash. It is generally suggested to avoid retractable leashes during a walk in a busy neighborhood. You cannot control your dog correctly with a retractable leash, which might cause your dog to get into an accident. Therefore, the length and type of leash should be appropriate for your dog.

It is also better if you have a particular spot to keep the leashes in your house. Leashes can easily get lost, and it could take forever to find a lost one. Hence, a dedicated place is necessary to save time and effort. 

Keeping a bag

Every dog owner should own a dog backpack. A dog bag should contain essentials such as a water bottle, poop bags, and an extra leash, etc.  If your dog has any serious health condition, then it should also contain any medicine or injection, etc. A dog backpack is only helpful if it is always stocked up, ready, and you can pick it up on the go. It would be better if you have a dedicated spot for keeping your bag as well.


Taking care of your dog in warm weather is mandatory for the health of your dog. As mentioned above, dogs have problems maintaining their temperature, which causes several problems later. Therefore, in summers, try to walk your dog in the evening or shaded areas. Also, keep checking if the pavement is warm or not. Puppies could get burns from hot sidewalks. One way to avoid this is to buy dog shoes. Otherwise, it is advised to take your dog out in the evening, before sunset or near sunrise if you live in a hotter region.

Other dogs

Some dogs are friendlier than other dogs. If your dog is one of them, then it would love to meet other dogs and dog owners. But you have to be careful when it comes to meeting other dogs. Not all dogs would like this, and it could end up in an irritation between the dogs. Therefore, always ask the owners of other dogs before letting your dog approach theirs. 

Dog treats 

Always carry dog treats with yourself. When you take your dog out for a walk, there would be several distractions that could make your dog go crazy. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience, it is better if you keep treats in your bag or pocket. Make sure the treats you carry are the ones your dog loves. The treats should get the attention of your dog in any case. Otherwise, it would be pointless. 


Keeping a dog is a daily exercise, but it is no excuse to skips walks. Walking your dog could be a good physical activity for you and your dog. It also provides a way to meet other pet owners in your neighborhood. Make sure that you take care of everything before heading out. Keep track of things you could need during a walk and always carry them. Also, taking care of the comfort of your dog is equally important. Do not force your dog. Walking sessions are supposed to be a fun activity. Therefore, try your best to understand the body language of your dog in such sessions. 

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