How famous paintings make your pet portraits stand out

Pet portraits have always been a part of the pet owners’ life. In ancient times, royal prince and princesses were famous for spending a fortune on the portraits of their pets. Famous painters and artists would come from all across their empire and would spend days working on one portrait. This was considered as a symbol of love all over the world.

The trend of pet portraits persists. It is much cheaper and consumes less time now due to the advancement in technology. Digital photography, along with Photoshop techniques, has made this process easier. People all over the globe invest in pet portraits as such portraits capture the heart and soul of a memory.

How can you make your pet portrait stand out?

As the pet portrait bandwagon is full of people, we need to put in some thought into our portraits to make them stand out. If you were using a certified pet portrait company like Pets Uniq, you would be given several options to choose a background, foreground and a color scheme for your pet portrait. We at Pets Uniq make sure that your pet portrait becomes a unique piece of art. We digitally craft your photos with love and creativity to convert them into extraordinary portraits.  

Here are some of our suggestions to make your pet portrait standout:

  • Using a royal image for the background of your pet portrait
  • Using a famous painting for your pet portrait 

The above two methods are practical and unique. These methods not only make your pet portraits stand out but also add a tint of royalty or history to your pet portraits. 

Famous paintings for your pet portraits

Art holds a higher rank whenever we are ranking the aesthetics of this world. People have always admired great work by famous artists. An artist has the magic to covey exuberant messages from his canvas. People acknowledge this in several different ways, which adds a unique value to an art piece for every individual.

To make our pet portraits unique, we can combine them with famous art pieces. Here are Pets Uniq’s top picks for your next pet portrait:  

Mona Lisa 

Mona Lisa, a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, does not need any introduction. It is one of the most famous paintings. It is unique in every way, as it is not painted on a canvas. Mona Lisa is painted on a poplar plank. Some historians believe that Mona Lisa is a self-portrait of da Vinci. Nevertheless, Mona Lisa’s popularity speaks, as it is the most visited painted worldwide. It also holds the record that people have written and sung the most about this painting. 

As mentioned above, pet portraits are a symbol of love. Pets hold significant importance in the eyes of the pet owner. Thus, using Mona Lisa for your pet portrait would symbolize the importance of your pet. By choosing Mona Lisa, you are interlinking the value of the most written about and the most sung about painting in the history of mankind with your pet’s portrait.

Girl with a pearl earring 

Girl with a pearl earring, made in 1665, is a famous painting by Johannes Vermeer. It is an oil painting that captures a fictional account. The girl in the painting who is wearing an exotic dress is nothing but Vermeer’s imagination. No one exactly knows why and for whom Vermeer had painted this masterpiece. It was not always an iconic piece. The painting is now known as “The Mona Lisa of the North”. Books had been written about it, and one could quickly get a copy of this piece of art nowadays.

Girl with a pearl earring is considered beautiful because of how realistic it is. If you want to give a realistic touch to your endearing pet’s portrait then this is a perfect piece. You can add the delicacy of this picture to your pet’s portrait. If you want the same spark in the eyes of your pet, the same aura, and the same exoticness in your pet’s portrait then this painting has all of the elements to mesmerize you. This is also a perfect pick if you own an exotic pet. 

Van Gogh self-portrait 

This masterpiece definitely needs to be considered while mentioning famous paintings. This self-portrait was painted a few months before Van Gogh committed suicide. This self-portrait is unique because it portrays an unfriendly and rude face. He surely depicts confidence, as well. All of these emotions are tied to the popularity of this portrait. It is unique because of these features.

Pet owners know how to deal with a pet’s mood. Every pet comes with a different set of moods. Some pets are naturally lazy, some are friendly, some are hesitant, and some are ready to shower you with love. Thus, if your pet resonates with Van Gogh’s facial expressions or if this painting reminds you of your pet then this is the best pick for your pet portrait. 

Salvator Mundi

It is another famous masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. It was painted for King Louis XII of France. This masterpiece might be unappealing at first glance, but once you get to know about the mysteries linked to this canvas, you cannot stop thinking about it. This art piece is famous because of several stories that revolve around it. 

This is your go-to option if you want to add a little mystery to your pet portrait. Since a pet portrait should truly represent your pet, hence if you feel that your pet has an element of mystery then this is worth it. 

Circa 1490-1519, oil on panel, 45.4 cm × 65.6 cm (25.8 in × 17.9 in), private collection. (Photo by VCG Wilson/Corbis via Getty Images)

The old guitarist 

The old guitarist by our favorite Pablo Picasso makes it to the list. This art piece is significant as it criticizes society and shows the reality of human existence. The overall theme of the painting is to portray helplessness and hopelessness. But at the same time, it shows that the ability of a guitarist, along with the past experience of the guitarist, can help him overcome this state. This scenario could be used for humanity in general as human beings were in the same state when Picasso had painted this. 

As human beings are always in a wretched state, pets bring some life into our mundane reality. For pet owners all over the world, our pets are beacons in this depressing world. Thus, if you also see your pet as a light of hope, or if your pet holds a special place in your life because of its support during a trying time then this is the best painting to depict it.

The above paintings are just a few examples from a cache of paintings. You always have the option of customizing a portrait, which largely depends on the company of your choice. Pet portrait companies all over the globe provide you with a list of options to choose from. Your selected options could largely depend on the type of pet you own, the breed of your pet, the appearance of your pet, and the size of your pet. Pet portraits could be customized more if you properly dress up your pet according to your chosen painting. Pet portraits, when incorporated with famous paintings, help you tell a story. Nevertheless, it is always worth the money as it enables you to preserve memories.  We at Pets Uniq help you preserve those memories in a better way by providing you a step-by-step process. Our team consists of professional IT experts and guides. We make sure that you are thoroughly guided and the end product satisfies you. The above paintings are chosen by our experts and we highly recommend going through the descriptions before choosing one. If you have picked one then it is the right time to place an order on our website.

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