How to choose a scratching post for your cat

Scratching posts are a necessity in a house full of cats. Cats love to scratch anything they get their hands on. Teething kittens need an outlet for their pent-up stress and anxiety. There are several benefits of a cat scratch post. These benefits are for cats of all ages. It helps kittens to strengthen their paws and keep themselves occupied. It helps in marking territory if you have multiple cats in your house. It also saves your furniture from extensive damage.

Choosing a scratching post for your feline buddy

Choosing a perfect scratch post isn’t an easy job. It is tough because of the variety of options available. But Pets Uniq has compiled a list that would help you narrow down your choices. It will help you choose a post tailored for your pet. Here are some tips from our team at Pets Uniq:


Different scratch posts come with different materials on it. Sometimes a rod is covered with carpet, and sometimes it is covered with rope. Some scratch posts are made of plastic and cloth. Hence, choose the material your cat prefers. You can find several cat scratch-posts on eBay or Amazon. Buying a cat scratch post online is cheaper and has more variety.


Scratch posts are available in different sizes. We can have a small one for our tiny kitten. We can also buy a gigantic one for an adult cat. Choosing a cat scratch post is tricky because you have to find a suitable size for your cat. If your cat is an adult cat, then she might need a larger post. Such cats need a post which they can use to stretch their bodies as well.


As mentioned above, there are cats of several sizes. Similarly, there are cat posts of different sizes available in the market as well. Cats use these scratch posts to stretch their bodies. Therefore, its height should be enough to let your cat stretch her entire body. Thus, whenever you buy a cat scratch post, make sure it is tall enough to assist your cat in stretching.


Every cat has a unique taste. Some cats like to scratch while standing on their hind legs. Some like to scratch while digging their nails into the ground. Therefore, choose the appropriate style for your kitty. Observe her scratching patterns and decide accordingly.

Horizontal model

The horizontal model is better for cats who prefer to scratch the ground or anything on the ground. It is usually available in several shapes. It lies flat on the ground. You can put it near your cat’s bed. She would simply walk over it and start scratching on it. It is good for strengthening the spinal cord of your kitty. It is also good for shoulder muscles. Cats also like to mark their territory on such posts.  

Vertical model

Vertical models are also available in several shapes. They can take a little to ample space. Get an upright model that you can attach to the wall or door. This is perfect for strengthening the hind legs of a kitty. It also enables the cat to stretch and strengthen their claws. It removes extra and dead nails as well. Hence, making your cat healthier and cleaner.

Faux furniture model

These cat scratch posts are for cats who prefer furniture to scratch posts. These are replicas of furniture items covered by scratching carpet or rope. These are usually smaller in size, and you can keep it anywhere in your house. Hence, it will also be an additional decoration piece in your home.

Cat tree model

Cat tree models usually have platforms and spaces in the scratch model. It might consist of several posts and platforms in one model. It usually has a hiding space as well. The cats like to spend time in it and marking their territory. It is good for cats who like to climb on furniture items or who like height. It looks cute as a decoration piece as well. Your cat will feel like climbing a tree while using this scratch post.


Scratch posts come in different angles as well. There are vertical, horizontal, and inclined scratch posts in the market. You need to closely observe your cat to find the perfect angle for her. If your cat likes to stand up while scratching, then she would prefer a vertical scratch post. Similarly, if your cat likes to scratch on carpets, then she would prefer a horizontal one. Hence, carefully observe your cat’s scratching habits before buying a post for her. This will make it a lot easier for her to shift towards a scratching post.


The location of a scratch post has a huge impact on choosing the post. Buy the post that is appropriate for your desired place. It should also fit in the area where your cat scratches typically. For example, if your cat scratches the sofa, then place the post near it. Hence, the size of your post should be appropriate for the location. Once your cat gets used to it, you can place it near her bed or any other location in your house.


A cat scratch post should be stable enough to endure her weight. It should be sturdy and robust. Your cat will only use it if it doesn’t scare her due to tripping. Therefore, be careful while choosing a scratch post for your feline fellow. Also, make sure your chosen scratch post lasts you a lifetime.   


Cats love scratching. Kittens and tiny cats are attracted to everything. They love to chew and scratch furniture items when they are teething. This makes them happy and energetic. Any item in their reach is destroyed. Therefore, buying a scratch post is necessary to keep your furniture safe. But it is tough to get a cat to use a scratch post. You can use catnip or catnip spray on the post to attract your kitty. Keep it near the furniture items your cat scratch the most. It will take some time, but your cat will eventually get used to the post.

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