How to choose a veterinarian

Hiring a good veterinarian is the most critical task of keeping a pet. Pet owners usually don’t change their vets for years. You should always invest time in finding the right vet for your pet. The life of your pet could depend on this. You won’t be able to detect potential problems and diseases in your pet if your vet is careless. Thus, make sure you visit all prospective veterinarians in your area before choosing the one for your pet. Make sure your pet likes your vet as well. Otherwise, your pet will never let your vet touch him. Think thrice before choosing your vet.


Pets Uniq cares about pet lovers all around the globe. Therefore, we have compiled a list for all of you on choosing the right veterinarian. You don’t need to learn from your mistakes because we have learned the lesson for you. You will enjoy several benefits of choosing the right vet in the long run. Here are some tips to keep in mind before choosing the right vet for your pet:

Start working before bringing your pet home

The most crucial tip in finding a good veterinarian is never to procrastinate. Start working on finding a veterinarian as soon as you decide to get a pet. Make notes and list down your priorities. You should be confident of your expectations from your vet. It is essential to start early because having a vet on hand might come in handy in case of an emergency. Most people make the mistake of not connecting with a vet before getting a pet. This is dangerous because your pet might start suffering from a disease as soon as you bring it home and you could lose your pet forever. Other than that, every pet needs an initial checkup right after being brought to their new home. Thus, you should book an appointment with your vet before the arrival of your pet.

Ask around

Ask the pet owners in your area about their vets. You can also make a list of potential vets and ask pet owners for feedback on each. It would be better to consult friends or family members who have been to their clinic before. They will be able to guide you on the work ethic of the vet. Their reviews hold weight because they have first-hand experience with the vets. You can prepare a questionnaire for your friends and family. In it, add all of the questions relevant to you. For example, how does the vet treat an aggressive pet?


Qualifications of the vet

You can visit the vet’s clinic or website to check how qualified they are. This will help you to narrow down your options and can also save you from fake vets. Lying about being a vet is a crime all over the world. Several pets are mistreated and die because of fake vets. Therefore, always verify the credentials of a vet before taking your pet to their clinic. You can also look for vets who have specialized in your pet’s breed. Specialized vets can treat your pet better. General vets might not be experienced when it comes to dealing with the particular breed of your pet. Thus, double-check everything before making the final call.

Visit the clinic

Most vet clinics allow prospective clients to book an appointment. Make a priority chart, list of questions, and requirements before visiting the clinic. Always schedule an appointment. Judge everything carefully and clearly when you are there. Some vets allow you to see how they are dealing with a pet. They will get the permission of the pet owner first. Make sure they take proper health measures for pets and pet owners. Ensure that the clinic has a welcoming atmosphere. Check the attitude of the staff. The staff should be polite and flexible as pets tend to act up in clinics. Some pets even destroy items in the clinic. Check if you can reach the clinic remotely or contact them online. Compare their grooming rates. Judge the attitude of the vet with you. Check how many vets are available at one time. Take note of their emergency room facilities or what they offer in case of an emergency. In essence, monitor every aspect of the clinics you visit and compare them to reach an informed decision. 


Take a complete tour of the clinic as well. Ask other pet owners at the clinic for reviews. See how they care about the hygiene of the pets. Also, check how they separate different types of pets. For example, are the waiting areas for cats and dogs different, or do all of the pets have one waiting area? Make sure that the clinic is spacious if you have a dog.

Dealing with the pain of a pet

Ask the vet what they recommend if a pet is in pain. Some vets recommend letting pets heal on their own. This is incorrect advice and not in line with modern healthcare practices. Find a new pet if your vet thinks that your pet’s pain can heal on its own. Every pet needs pain medication for their peace of mind and physical wellbeing. Pain medication can prevent aggression, anger, and stress in pets. Thus, if a vet recommends suitable pain medication and other soothing methods, you can rest assured that they are well-informed.

Online reviews

Several websites publish online reviews of local vets. Pet communities are present in every area. You can reach out to them and ask for online reviews. You can make a Google Form filled with your questions and ask the community to fill it out. This will help you to analyze the reputation of a clinic in your area.



All vets need help from time to time. Therefore, ask your vet who they call, recommend, or refer to in case of an emergency. Cases that your vet can’t handle also fall under this category. If your vet is comfortable with discussing his or her limitations, they are the vet for you. It shows that the vet and the clinic are honest and trustworthy.


Hiring a good vet is a tricky job, but not an impossible one. You can easily find a suitable vet by investing a little time and effort. Doing so at an earlier stage saves you and your pet from damage later. Thus, try your best and consult everyone you can to find a perfect vet for your pet. This will give you countless benefits in the longer run.

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