How to encourage a lazy cat to be more active?

Does Garfield come to your mind when you think about your cat? Does your cat spend the entire day sleeping? It is nothing to worry about. Cats generally like sleeping all day. This helps them save energy for playtime. But it is worrisome if you notice excessive sluggish behavior or an abundant lack of activity.

There’s no need to worry much. Cats all across the globe become lazy at some point in their lives. This could easily be corrected with your little effort. Some tips and tricks from Pets Uniq will help your cat progress and become more active. Here are those tips for your ball of fur:

A fulfilling diet

You could be playing an active role in increasing your cat’s listlessness. Cats are most commonly lazy due to unhealthy food. There is a high chance that you are not providing the necessary nutrients to your cat. This could lead to sluggish behavior. Some cat owners are lazier than their cats. This causes them to feed leftovers, pizza, or just canned food to their cats. If you are one of them, then fix your lethargic behavior first. Cats need a healthy diet to stay active. Therefore, contact your vet to find the exact nutrients your feline friend needs. Make sure that your cat gets the greens and the beans. A healthy, preferably homemade, balanced diet would do the job. Also, make sure that your cat stays hydrated.  

A new cat or kitten

One way to combat this situation is to get a new cat. A new, more active cat could be a key to encourage your lethargic fellow. Cats take time to bond and kill the shyness. Once the introduction period and shyness end, the newcomer would motivate your cat to get out of its bed. This new feline fellow would initiate play sessions. The bond between the two could lead your cat to be more active. 

New toys

Cats have different inclinations toward different toys. Some cats prefer toys that make a crinkling sound, while some love a chase toy. Therefore, it is advised to try different toys to check what strikes a spark in your cat’s eyes. Take a cue from what excites your cat and what does not. Try to get toys of a similar kind for your cat. Try to get several such toys and keep rotating. Cats easily get bored with one toy. Hence, it would be better to keep changing the toys. This would maintain the excitement level of your cat.

Managing stress

Cats experience different emotions like human beings. Cats lose their appetite and become more lethargic when stressed. Cats are sensitive beings; therefore, they pick up on the feelings of the people around them. A change in environment or a medical condition could trigger stress. Cats stop reacting to all of your efforts when they are under pressure. Thus, check with your vet to find a way to reduce stress. Stress management results in a healthier and more active cat.

Your behavior in play sessions

Cats love playing with toys but not more than playing with their owners. Play sessions with the toys are not enough to revive your cat’s excitement. Therefore, you need to step in. Get a laser or any moving toy that you could control. This would prompt your cat to do better. A small hide and seek session would attract your cat more than just playing with a little toy, alone. Hence, your engagement in play sessions gives far better results. Such sessions encourage your cat and strengthen the bond between you two.

Play sessions

The right way to encourage a lazy cat is via play sessions. There are several aspects you need to consider before planning play sessions. The duration and time of every session, toys, and other playtime activities all have the potential to make a session successful. Make sure that you are using perfect toys with your acts. Here are some tips to make play sessions fun:

  • Hunting games revive the instinct of your cat to hunt. Make sure you have tiny toys with which you could mimic a prey. This would ignite the predator in your cat.
  • Buy battery operated toys. These toys generally move a lot; therefore, such toys would attract your cat to run after them. This could result in a good chase game. Chase games should be a part of every play session.
  • Choose the time of your session carefully. Cats are a bit picky about their play sessions. Therefore, judge the mood of your cat before starting a play session.
  • Some cats prefer solo play sessions to play sessions with other cats or you. Let your cat play alone if you think your cat is one of them.
  • The duration of each play session should be short. Shorter play sessions keep the excitement intact. It also helps in increasing focus. Such sessions are preferred because cats have a shorter concentration span.

Reward therapy

Reward therapy has always been a part of training pets. It helps to generate desired results by piling stimuli with food. This could do wonders in the case of a lazy cat. The trick here is to treat your cat whenever it is relatively more active than usual. You could also let your cat chase the treat. Make sure that you have your cat’s favorite treat with you all the time. Thus, whenever you see your cat being active and moving around, you could reward it with a treat. 


Mealtime should not consist of the meal only; it should be fun and exciting. Mealtime could be changed into playtime by little to no amendments. Here are some ways to make mealtime productive:

  • Hide the food at several different spots in your house or your playground. Let your cat work hard to find food. This would stimulate your cat’s mental abilities. Thus, your cat would enjoy this and participate more actively the next time.
  • Add interactive puzzles to mealtime. These puzzles come with multiple cat treat options. You can always add variety to these just to maintain your cat’s interest.

Scratch post

Cats love scratching. It helps them relax, reduces anxiety, and energizes their paws. If you notice that your cat is getting lazy, then install vertical scratch posts at multiple locations in your house. Thus, whenever your cat would feel the urge to scratch, it would have to work hard. This hard work would kill laziness while increasing the flexibility in your cat’s body. A vertical scratch post is also good for energizing the muscles in your cat. It is a fun way to stretch and make your cat active. 


The above-mentioned methods are trusted methods to encourage a lethargic cat. But the key here is to control your emotions first. Do not go overboard with these tips. Try to truly understand your cat and the underlying problem. Once you start understanding your cat, you will be able to apply the tricks in a better way. Try to judge the mood of your cat and play with the tricks accordingly. Also, try not to overwhelm your cat. The whole process should be slow enough to let your cat adjust and adapt to everything.

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