How to find a lost cat

We all have gone through the misery of losing a cat at least once in our lives. Our cats mean so much to us. We owe our happiness and love to them. They entertain us and provide us comfort when we are sad. They become a part of our families. But sometimes they suffer due to our carelessness. 10 million pet cats and dogs are lost each year due to the negligence of their owners. 

Protecting your kitty from all of these problems isn’t difficult. Following a few steps and making a little conscious effort is enough to keep her safe from dangerous outcomes. Most cats get lost when their parents allow them to leave the house without them. Sometimes they go out for fun and forget the way home. This usually happens after moving to a new area. This shows the carelessness of their owners. Losing a cat is terrible for the owners, but it is a suffering for the kitty.

A lost kitty goes through anxiety and depression. She keeps waiting for someone to take her home. She attacks anyone who approaches her. Household cats don’t know how to survive in the outside world. Hence, they don’t let anyone touch them. Most of the lost cats don’t even let anyone feed them. Thus, even if they get found, they end up getting several diseases. They usually take a lot of time to recover from the trauma. Sometimes lost cats don’t even recognize their owners. Therefore, they never settle in the house again.

Tips to protect your cat and bring her home


Nothing is more important than precautions. Precautions and preventive measures help in avoiding any mishap. Take the following measures to prevent inconvenience in the future:

  • Microchip and collars: Always get your cat a cat collar. Add your name, address, and phone number. Make sure your cat wears it before leaving the house. Some cats find collars annoying. Therefore, they never wear them. Thus, you can get them microchipped. Most vets have this facility. Get your kitten microchipped right after you bring her home. Register your information on it as soon as possible. This is helpful for the person or agency who founds her.
  • Agencies: Several agencies help you in finding your lost pet. Keep a list of such agencies and their contact numbers at hand. This will come handy in case your cat gets lost.
  • Photographs: Always keep a recent photo of your kitty with you. Make sure that it is a full-body picture. This helps in identifying her easily as her color, size, and features would be prominent in it.

Escaping in front of you

If a domestic cat escapes in front of you then it is easier to bring her home. Most people even fail at this. When a cat gets to see the outside world, she gets crazy. Therefore, you have to carefully decide every step. You can either get her back home or scare her forever. The best technique is to quietly follow her. Do not run or make loud voices around her. Just keep her in your view and calmly follow her. Let her explore a bit and then pick her up. Otherwise, any loud noise or running will make her jump and run like a rabbit. You can also attract her with her favorite treats. She will come back with you eventually.

Escaping when you are not around

Sometimes cats escape when you are away from home or when they go out for roaming. Follow these tips to bring your kitty back safely:

  1. Make a soft spot for your kitty outside of your house. You can make it with a comfortable blanket that has your cat’s scent on it. Put it inside a cardboard box. Put some cat treats nearby as well. Do this around your house. Your cat will follow her scent and eventually end up in the box.
  2. Cats usually roam around the neighborhood late at night as they spend the day sleeping. Therefore, search for her late at night. They come out when it’s quiet. Hence, there is a high chance of you finding them.
  3. Check all of the trees in your area or around your house. Cats usually get stuck in the trees and are too scared to come down. Therefore, carefully check every tree.
  4. Print flyers with your cat’s pictures and your information. Also, add a cash prize for the person who finds your cat. Post these flyers everywhere in your neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods. Post as many flyers as you can. Keep visiting the places where you have posted the fliers.
  5. Contact a cat-finding agency in your area. Give them your information and pictures of your cat.
  6. Inform your neighbors who are close to your cat. Inform the neighbors with pets. Inform the kids in your areas. Also, inform people who visit the area often. Give all of the pictures. Make a WhatsApp group for them. Share the details there.
  7. Spend a lot of time around your house or outside your house. Causally walk near your house. Sit next to your gate for a lot of hours on the weekends. If your cat is near, she will sense it and come to you.
  8. Post an advertisement in your local newspaper. Carefully read the section of lost and found in all of your local newspapers.
  9. Keep track of the places you have visited. Mark them on a map and jot down the progress you have made there. You can also add several points and notes to that map.
  10. Set up a trap near your house. Add your cat’s favorite treat in it. She will get trapped if she tries to eat the food.


Cats usually remember their way back home. Sometimes cats get lost because they are too scared. Therefore, the chances of a lost cat coming back home are slim. But, don’t lose hope. You will get through a tough time. Other than that, keep making efforts and stay optimistic.

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