How to give a pill to your cat?

It is impossible to give liquid medicines to cats. They can become very moody when it comes to such items. But how do you expect them to eat a pill? They do not eat crackers or cat food when the flavor is not their favorite. It can be very troubling as the cat might bite you or attack you. Therefore, be very careful and tactical while giving a pill to your cat.

Talk to your vet about how to give the pill. Some pills can be given in a crushed form. Therefore, you can mix it with your cat’s food. Similarly, you can add it in some liquid to give it to your cat. But some medicines become dangerous when given in the crushed form. It can harm your cat internally. Therefore, those medicines need to be given as they are. Thus, discuss everything with your vet and get proper information before doing anything.

How to give a cat a pill

Pets Uniq has asked experts, and the following are the best ways to give a pill to your cat. It is a step-by-step guide. Follow the technique below:

  • Stay calm while approaching your cat. Do not transfer your stress to her. Ask your vet to show you how to give a pill to your cat. Watch YouTube tutorials on this to get an idea of how to give a pill to your cat. Do not go unprepared as you can get bitten.
  • Your cat should be on a non-slippery surface that is flat and large. People suggest keeping your cat on the floor. You can put her on a towel to prevent her from slipping. 
  • Either sit next to your cat or behind her. Do not surprise her. Sit with her for a while, pet her, and then attempt to give her the pill. Otherwise, she will act defensively. She might end up biting you.
  • You can ask someone to help you. Two pairs of hands can be beneficial as you can grab the cat securely. Do not let your cat face you. It will help you trick her as it will be easier to control her legs and arms. She would not be able to react much as she will not be able to see your actions.
  • Tilt your cat’s head upward by holding it with one hand. Use your thumb and index finger to get ahold of her jaws. Use the other hand to open her jaws. Be gentle and do not force her or make her uncomfortable.
  • Use your index finger to put the pill in her mouth. Place it on her tongue as far as you can.
  • Close her mouth, and rub the lower part of her head and throat for a while. Leave her head and wait for her to swallow the pill.
  • You can judge if she has swallowed it or not by checking if she licks her face. Wait for a while before opening her mouth to investigate.
  • You can examine her mouth, corners of her lips, and under the tongue. If you cannot spot the pill, she has swallowed it.
  • If you see the pill, grab it again. Place it in the middle of her mouth, and try to rub her throat while her mouth is closed gently. You can give her a little water as well. Try to encourage her to swallow the pill. If she is showing resistance, wait for a while and restart the whole process again.
  • Finally, keep a treat or toy nearby to keep her encouraging. Once she has eaten it, give her a treat. It will work as positive reinforcement.

Safety tips when giving a cat a tablet

  • If your cat hates petting or being held, do not hold her. It will make her aggressive. Instead, wrap her in a towel. This will prevent her from using her legs and paws,
  • Make sure that you hold her cat from the top and not bottom to prevent her from biting you.
  • Always ask another person to help you. Do not do this alone.
  • If your cat becomes aggressive or starts vocalizing, stop. Wait for a while. Meanwhile, give her treats and let her play with her toys.
  • If your cat bites you, seek medical help immediately. You can get a bacterial infection from the cat; therefore, try to deal with it immediately.

What to do when giving your cat a pill by hand fails

If you fail to give a pill to your cat, follow the tips below:

Pill popper

It is a device made for the purpose of giving a pill to your cat. A pill popper pushes a pill into your cat’s system. It saves you from the trouble of inserting your fingers in her mouth. Therefore, use a pill popper if you are uncomfortable with using your hands. It can injure your cat if misused. Therefore, ask a professional to help you understand how to use it.

Give their medication with food

If the pill can be given with food, do that! Hide the pill in your cat’s favorite treats, and let her eat it. Make sure that it is well hidden. Otherwise, she will notice it. She might even get angry about spotting the pill. You can also play a game while feeding her treats. Insert a pill into the treat and give that treat after treating her with normal treats. In this case, she will be too distracted to notice.

Use a pill crusher

If your vet allows you to crush the pill, this is your best plan. You can do this by using a pill crusher. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pill crusher. You can use some kitchen device to crush the pill. Make sure that the pill is fully converted into powder. Sprinkle the powder on her food. She will eat it without noticing it.



This is a useful guide for all cat owners, but you should talk to your vet if you find it difficult to give a pill to your cat. You can end up choking your cat. Therefore, it is better if your vet feeds her the pill. Other than that, do not give her a medicine not prescribed by the vet. It is dangerous and can ruin her.

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