How to protect your dog from COVID-19?

With COVID-19 declared as a pandemic, everyone is exposed to several challenges. If you have a pet, then you have the responsibility of protecting yourself and your pet. Dog owners are finding a way to keep their dogs active during the lockdown. They are also deeply worried about the health of their dogs as several dogs in Hong Kong have tested positive for coronavirus. There’s no evidence that your canine fellow could spread the virus, but it is still better to take precautions.

Pets Uniq understands your love for your canine fellow. We know that your furry friend is your family. Therefore, designing a crisis management plan seems depressing. But it is the need of the hour. Hence, our team has prepared a list of tips to keep your dog safe.

Here are some tips and techniques for the safety of your little fellow:

A friend or a family member

Two dogs from Hong Kong, who had tested positive for COVID-19, had contracted it from their owners. They showed little to no symptoms. Therefore, if you have contracted coronavirus or you are in isolation, then stay away from your pet. Ask your friend or family members to take care of your dog. Do not interact with your dog. There is no research on this; therefore, veterinarians advise avoiding your dog.

Stay home

Coronavirus lives on several surfaces for twenty-four to seventy-two hours. Some surfaces can hold it for several days. Therefore, if there are COVID-19 cases in your area, then stay home. Go out for essential errands only. Stay at home orders are for our safety. Therefore, these orders apply to your tiny fellow as well. Do not walk your dog. Avoid public places and parks as your dog might contract it by licking any surface. There is no proof that whether dogs can get coronavirus from other dogs or not. Therefore, keep a safe distance from other pets whenever you take your dog out.


The best cure for COVID-19 is never to get it. The only way to protect both yourself and your dog is social distancing. Social distancing is tough, but it is for our safety. Do not allow people outside of your household. This goes for other pets as well. Do not allow people to bring their pets along. If someone ends up entering your house, then make sure they follow precautionary guidelines. Hence, keeping your little pet away from outsiders is the best thing you can do.

Dog kit

It is better to be prepared for a crisis beforehand. Therefore, prepare your dog’s kit just in case. This kit should be packed and ready. Here are the items essential to help your little friend if you get hospitalized or sick:

  • Contact information of your vet.
  • Contact information of the person who would take care of your dog in your absence
  • Contact information of a family member
  • Dog food and treats for two weeks or money to buy dog food
  • Dog toys. Make sure to add your dog’s favorite ones
  • A comfortable bed
  • A dog carrier
  • Any medication
  • Any medical instruction

A list of instructions to take care of your pet

Essential items if you get sick

Some people don’t need to go to the hospital after contracting COVID-19. COVID-19 acts differently for different people. Some people recover without medical help. Such people usually isolate themselves for two weeks. Self-isolation is a privilege. People often cannot afford it as they live in shared spaces. Therefore, it leaves pet owners in a worrisome situation as you are putting your pet at risk of getting COVID-19.

Ask someone else to take of your dog if you are in self-isolation. If you have no options but to take care of your little buddy, then you should buy the following items:

  • Handwash and sanitizer: Install sanitizer bottles everywhere in your house. Make sure to wash your hands before and after interacting with your dog. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Handwash and sanitizers effectively kill the coronavirus. Therefore, don’t forget to wash your hands.
  • Gloves: Buy a bundle of gloves. Gloves help us to seal the germs on our hands and protect our hands from picking up bacteria and viruses. Therefore, buy a handsome number of gloves. Make sure you have your gloves on while treating or feeding your dog. Avoid touching your dog’s face. Do not pet your dog without wearing gloves. Discard your gloves after interacting with your pup.
  • Face mask: Countries that flattened the curve followed the “Masks for everyone” policy. Coronavirus transfers from the droplets in our mouth. Therefore, it is preferred to wear a mask while interacting or coming close to your pet. Face masks are costly these days. Therefore, buying one, again and again, would cost you a fortune. Hence, purchase cloth masks instead. Pets Uniq has fantastic polyester face masks. These masks are washable and protect you from dust, allergies, and coronavirus. These are also customizable. You can customize it with your dog’s picture. This could be a source of happiness in such a trying time.
  • Face Gaiter: Face gaiters can also be helpful at this time as they cover your neck as well. Face gaiter made by Pets Uniq is also customizable and washable. You can use it to cover your dog’s face while taking it out or while filling its food bowl. It can also be used as a neck warmer. COVID-19 comes with a severe sore throat. Therefore, microwave or iron your face gaiter to soothe the pain in your throat.

Veterinarian help

Do not take your dog to the vet if you have COVID-19. If your dog is getting sick or has started developing COVID-19 symptoms, then ask your vet to visit you. Vets all across the globe are helping pet owners who are COVID-19 patients by visiting them. Other than that, if your area has a curfew, then you can ask your vet to arrange an online meeting on Skype or Zoom.


The techniques mentioned above should be followed, even if you are healthy. This is a trying time for everyone, and we can only contain this situation by staying home. Make sure your dog stays home as well. So far, no one is certain if dogs can transfer coronavirus to human beings or other animals. Therefore, it is better to take precautionary measures to protect your dog and others around you. We all have to make conscious efforts to stop the spread and flatten the curve. Hence, follow every guideline provided by the World Health Organization or WHO and stay updated.

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