How to stop your dog from jumping on the furniture

Dogs are generally happy pets and are considered to be among the most intelligent animals. They have the IQ level of a 2-year-old human baby, which is why it is easier to train dogs. Generally, dogs are very obedient, but sometimes they can be a pain and refuse to listen to our commands. This is particularly common in puppies as they are young and full of energy. Puppies actively look for physical stimulation and are willing to do anything to fulfill their desires. Thus, we can often see them getting out of control.

All dog owners have likely experienced that one moment when nothing can get their dog off of the furniture. They jump from one couch to another in mere seconds. They stop listening to commands, no matter how much we beg and plead. Unfortunately, this is a part of the life of a dog parent. If you want to ensure that your dog does not jump on your furniture, it is vital to train them from day one. Set strict rules within the household, and do not allow your dog to violate these rules. It might take time and (a lot) of patience, but this is the only way to save your expensive furniture.

Letting your dog sleep or spend time on the couch

People generally assume that it is wrong to not let your dog spend time on your couch or bed. However, we believe that there is nothing wrong with setting some rules. Dogs can leave hair and dust on your sofa or bed, which could be problematic if anyone in your family has asthma, allergies, or any breathing issue. It is potentially a threat to many people, so it is fine to never let your dog on couches or beds. 

Other than that, some dogs are resource guarders, meaning that the dog will strictly guard anything he is sitting on. He might not let you sit on the couch and may even attack if you try to approach him. If your dog is a resource guarder, don’t let him on the furniture. Make the right call, so you don’t have to regret not being able to use your own furniture!

Rules and tips to keep your dog off of the furniture

Dogs love climbing the furniture because they think it is rewarding. They love the appreciation and the look on your face when you see them reach the top. Your positive encouragement can increase this behavior. Worry not! We believe it is never too late to train them to stay off the couch. Here are some tips from Pets Uniq to keep the dog away from the furniture:

Eradicate the root cause

If you have a puppy, never let him get on the couch. Tell everyone in the household not to pick him up and leave him on the furniture. This is helpful because your dog will never learn that he can climb on the furniture. Don’t cuddle with him on your couch or bed. Always play with your dog on the floor. This way your dog will learn that floor is his place and he shouldn’t have a problem with staying on the floor.


Don’t punish

We highly discourage punishing your dog, no matter the case. Don’t scream at him or hit him for climbing or jumping on the furniture. Not only will it cause him to lose trust in you, but it might even exacerbate his behavior of jumping on the furniture.

Treating the pup

Giving a treat to your pup whenever he comes off of the furniture is a handy technique. However, it is unlikely to stop him from jumping on the furniture completely. Instead, follow a properly thought-out strategy to stop this behavior. Take your dog to the room where he usually jumps on the furniture. Give him a treat whenever he listens to you and comes down. As soon as he finishes his first treat, give him another one. Keep giving him treats until he has forgotten all about the furniture. Do this every time you notice your dog jumping on the furniture. This also gives him the impression that his rightful place is the floor as he will begin to associate his treats with the floor.


Never push the dog

Don’t try to push or wrestle with your dog if he doesn’t move from the sofa. Some dogs love to stay on the couch and can develop a habit of sleeping there. It might become nearly impossible to get him off the sofa, but you should never resort to violence. Instead, use the rewarding techniques, as we have detailed above.

Reinforcement therapy

Reinforcement therapy refers to rewarding your dog’s positive behavior. You have to tell your dog that staying on the floor is good and that you appreciate it. You can do this by throwing in a treat, playing with him, or telling him that he is a good boy. Dogs love appreciation from their human friends. Gradually, he will learn to associate your positive appreciation with staying on the floor.


Pairing of words

Whenever you offer a treat to your dog, make sure that you are using some commands. People usually use the “off command”—when you throw a treat his way, loudly say ‘off’. This will teach your dog to pair the word ‘off’ with his treat. Once he gets used to responding to the command, you won’t have to throw in treats to get him off of the furniture. Simply shouting ‘off’ will suffice.


The above points show that dogs can quickly learn to replace toxic behaviors with new ones with a little love and affection. By showing them what you appreciate and what you dislike, they will easily adapt and come through. Therefore, be patient and do not punish your little one. Simple encouraging techniques will be enough to make him learn some new rules.

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