Is it weird to take shower with my dog?

As a dog lover and owner, you must be happy for having your cutie puppies around all the time. You walk together, play together, eat together, sleep together like being inseparable. But how about taking shower, do you do the bath with your dog? Many people must have asked the same question, whether it is weird, ridiculous, or even bad to take a shower with the pup?

Well, the answer is not exactly Yes or No. Instead, it’s more like two faces of a coin. Certainly, you should help your dogs wash and clean to keep them hygienic. There is no wrong in bathing your doggies and yourself at the same time. On the other hand, there are a couple of notices you should definitely take into account when doing that, so as to maintain a physically and mentally healthy relationship for both.

Be sure to follow these tips below when taking shower with your pet.

1. Do NOT mix human and dog’s soap and shampoo

Apparently, you cannot use human soap on a dog’s fur. It could cause harmful effects and diseases since alkalinity mechanisms in dogs and humans are totally different. Normally, their skin is easier to dry than us, while some special species require unique cleaning products to keep them safe from unexpected incidents. Therefore, be careful that you choose the suitable shampoo for your dogs, and keep it separated from your own kinds of stuff.

2. Stick to treatment rules

kids wash boston terrier puppy in blue basin in summer garden on a wooden terrace

Also, take extra care if your pooches are under flea treatments. Water from the shower can wipe away tick oil, so check on how long you should keep your dog in the bathroom. Besides, cover any open wounds to avoid cross-contamination. Anyway, it’s better to ask for the vet’s advice if your puppies are being treated with any kind of disease to ensure how to do the bath properly.

3. Adjust the water temperature

This is a big deal, indeed. Since our skin and sensitivity are extremely different from dog’s, it would be dangerous for them to stay under the same hot water that we human enjoy. 

According to many experts, 100F might be the appropriate water temperature that your dogs would feel comfortable. Remember, they have a thick coat covering all over their body, so their sense of warmth is much sensible than us. Thus, using too hot water may make them shock and lead to aggressive reactions.

4. Avoid using dryer

Some people may think dryers will help dog’s fur quickly dry out and prevent them from getting a cold. Again, their skin tends to dry much more easily and faster than men, then using electronic equipment is not so necessary. Furthermore, it could be dangerous sometimes for making dehydration or stroke, especially if your dog is big or overweight. 

Instead, it’s recommended to use a towel to rub their fur and cover their body. You can use hairdryer but should set the warm mode and avoid the hot mode. Then let it be natural, their coat will become completely dry in just a few minutes.

5. Do NOT shower your doggies too frequently

As you may know, the thick fur plays as a protector layer for dogs, and they don’t sweat like human. Therefore, they don’t get stinky that needs to be cleaned every day. Conversely, if you wash them too often, you are making them lose skin moisture and become more vulnerable to fur and skin problems and diseases.

Hence, you can consider when is the best time to pull your hounds to the bathroom. For some hound breeds or with thick fur, taking shower once every three or four weeks is good. Other short hair species don’t really need frequent baths, only one or two times per one year is still fine, or you only have to bathe them when they get muddy or dirty.


Speaking from a human’s moral perspective, there is nothing you should feel ashamed of for taking a shower together with your dog. Different from the myth cats hate water, dogs are friendly with water a lot. The key importance is the comfort you share with each other, and both you and your pooches could enjoy the bath time, and that your privacy is still maintained. Let’s live your own style, with your bonny doggies.

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