Some Notes On Taking Bath For Dogs You Need To Know

As a dog lover and owner, you must be happy for having your cutie puppies around all the time. You walk together, play together, eat together, sleep together like being inseparable. Especially, some people consider dog bathing is one of the most interesting moment they spend with their pets! However, there are some tips you need to know to creat the best time bathing for your dog! Let’s get started now!

Create a fun atmosphere

Above all, you want the best for your pet, but you don’t want to pressure or force him to do what he doesn’t want. Be persistent and gentle in situations that make you mad. Your dogs need to be respected if they insist on not cooperating. A happy atmosphere will increase the bond between you and them.

In order for the bath to go smoothly and smoothly, it helps to play with your dog.

Joking and running will make the dog’s body get tired, moreover, between you and the dog will form what I call a “good relationship”. And this “good connection” will make the pet more cooperative with you in the shower. Not everyone will tell you this. Don’t forget to let your dog rest for 5-10 minutes before bathing.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is a manifestation of dishonesty. You will have to “bribe” them with some treats and treats for the cooperation to go smoothly.

You will need to do this before and after bathing them. Make the bosses feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Prepare a bath

According to textbooks, the best bath water is warm water. But if your time does not allow, you can use cool water, cool water, not cold water.

You can take a puppy bath in the bath, but this might seem a luxury to most people, including me. So the alternative is to use a big tub to bath your puppy, or simply just bathe them in the bathroom or outdoors.

If the weather is cold but must bathe them, you should shower in the bathroom, shower before 18:00.

Choose the right time to shower

Choosing a time to bathe is a simple thing but is not taken seriously and is easily overlooked. And the consequences of this can sometimes be beyond your imagination.

The best times to bath your pet are:

– At least 2 hours after eating: Taking a bath as soon as your dog is finished eating can make him feel tired and sick.

– Morning to noon: 7:30 – 16:30 is a good time for you to bathe your pet.

Use the restroom before taking a bath

Your puppy will need to go to the toilet first so that she does not feel the urge to urinate or feel tight. You also need to clean the anal area after it has gone heavy so that no waste can be brought into the sink.

Choose the right shower oil

For dogs with sensitive skin this is very important because if they are susceptible to skin irritation, inflammation as well as pores. Dog hair is completely different. Bad consequences can cause hair loss in patches.

Can body wash be used for dogs?

This is a must-call classic because anyone who is just starting out with dog baths will ask. And the answer will forever be NO.

Do you agree that we ourselves have difficulty in finding the right shampoo and shower gel for our own skin? Then pets are the same.

Human shower gel contains very powerful ingredients and active ingredients. Bathing dogs with human body wash can dry out their skin. It takes away the natural layer of oil and grease on the skin.

Even worse, the use of shower gel or shampoo can be caused by allergies, skin irritation, and dermatitis.

Choose the right shower gel for your dog

On the market today, there are many different lines of dog shower gel. Each type of shower gel will have its own uses. If you have a headache because you do not know what to choose, I will suggest a few ways to find it.

Currently on the market will be divided into the following main lines:

Specialized shower gel: also known as Medicated Shampoos. These shower lotions often contain ingredients and active ingredients to aid in the treatment of certain types of dermatological diseases your dog is suffering from. For example: dermatitis, fungus, scabies, allergies, dandruff, bad hair, …

For these bath lotions, you will need to consult your veterinarian before use to ensure the safety of your pet. Also when using these bath lotions, let it sit for 10 minutes to let the medicinal herbs soak into the skin.

Shower lotions: These shower gels often have ingredients extracted from real flower oil. Helps fragrance to stay on hair and skin for longer.

Hair color shower gel: This shower gel has ingredients and nutrients to help maintain the coat color. Helps to keep hair shiny and strong.

Example: Bath gel for reddish brown dog breeds like Poodle. Bath gel for white-haired breeds like Samoyed.

Dry shower gel: This is a form of shower gel for dogs experiencing health problems that cannot bathe with normal shower gel.

Cotton ear protector

Be careful when using cotton to protect your ears. It is important to remove the cotton ball after bathing, and do not use it if it annoys your puppy and causes him to shake his head repeatedly.

Notes on how to dry your dog’s coat

For normal short-haired breeds, just using a specialized towel is enough to dry. However, with large and long-haired breeds such as Alaska, Husky, Samoyed, Shar-Pei…, you will need a specialized dryer for your pet.

With long, thick fur, drying will take a lot of time. And that time is more than enough to cause inflammation. Therefore, if you have long-haired breeds, you should invest in a dryer.

Pay attention if your dog shows fear of the dryer, stop. Forcing the dog will be more susceptible to stress and fear!

Notes after bathing dogs

If, after bathing, the dog shows signs of too much trembling, fear, high fever, refusing to eat, … then there really is a problem! Take your dog to the fastest reputable veterinarian for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

And if, after bathing, the dog has behaving like scratching, scratching, biting himself continuously. Now you should think about an allergy. This may be due to an allergy to the bath or soap you use.

The solution is to try a different line of shower gel. If it persists, the old way, take it to a reputable vet for a check.

Allergies are a common pet condition. It is also one of the main causes of dermatitis. 

Another little note

Another little note is that if you are in winter and in a cold climate, the bathroom needs a heating lamp to warm the bathroom temperature. Avoid the case of a cold dog.

In the case of a dog bath in winter, there should be a dryer to help the coat dry quickly, avoid being wet, and bacteria can easily proliferate.

Take care not to let soap and bathe in the dog’s eyes and ears. For ear hygiene, the most attention is paid to dogs with dumb ears such as Poodle, Golden, Labrador … When is the time to bathe the dog? Choose a good time to bathe your dog. Bathe your dog only when:

– There is a lot of dirt and sweat on the hair.

– Many dead skin layers on the skin.

– Should bathe the dog when they have gone to the toilet.

– Choose warm weather for bathing, if you shower when the temperature drops, prepare a dryer to quickly dry the coat, especially dogs with long fur.

How often should I bathe my dog?

It depends on the breed, activity level, habitat, and coat condition to determine. Normally, for a dog with healthy fur and skin, you should only bathe once a week. If they are active outdoors, then twice a week.

For some breeds of dogs with oily and sebum-secreting skin, it is easy to cause the coat to become clumped and clumped. You can increase it 3 times / week. And that is the maximum number you can bath your dog in a week.

Daily bathing is not necessary but how to bathe a dog in the right way is more important! Unless your dog is being treated for a dermatological condition. Bathing too often will cause your dog’s skin to dry out and lose its natural mucus. This makes the hair no longer shiny and more prone to breakage.

When should not bathe dogs?

Do not bathe your dog in cold weather.

Because at this temperature when bathing, your dog will be susceptible to hypothermia, leading to death.

Do not bathe a newborn dog.

The newborn dog is very weak, it will be very susceptible to colds or infections due to low resistance. If you are afraid of their bad smell, you can use dry shower gel as an effective fire fighting remedy.

Do not bathe a dog that is sick or showing signs of illness.

This is obvious and similar to newborn dogs, the resistance of the current dog is very weak. Bathing will create a favorable environment for bacteria to enter the body.

Do not take a dog bath for too long.

They are more susceptible to colds and illnesses. Normally, you should limit shower time to 10-15 minutes at the maximum.

Do not bathe newly adopted or separated dogs.

Dogs that have just come back from the camp or have just come back from the pack are often very weak. And you bring them back into another environment, your home. Let them get used to the new environment for at least a week. Then start bathing them. Dry shower gel will still be a good alternative.

Do not take a dog bath that has just been vaccinated.

You will make the vaccine just injected into the dog’s body less effective. Not only that, at this time the dog is weak because the body has to secrete antibodies. Bathing will allow bacteria to enter the body.


As you can see, bathing your dog is not too difficult to do. Just because there are many small things you need to pay attention to before, during, and after bathing to ensure the health and comfort of your dog.

Don’t forget to reward your dog while using sweet gestures and words. Their steady mentality will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

As long as your dog shows any unusual behavior, you will need to bring it to the nearest reputable veterinary facility for inspection. Although often problems that arise after bathing are very rare, they are not. Your puppy’s safety is first.

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