Tips for staying in a dog-friendly hotel

Every person loves to go on trips. Trips are a great way for families to bond. We go on a trip to relax and reconnect with our inner selves. It gives us a break from the monotony of life. It gives us a breath of fresh air. It makes us happy and fulfilled. But for dog owners, it is a time of worry.

Leaving your dog back home is risky. You need a responsible person to take care of your little furry buddy. It results in us always worrying about our dogs, instead of enjoying our time there. Therefore, a lot of people suggest getting a dog-friendly hotel. It helps in resolving our issues. We can take our canines with us and enjoy ourselves more.

Taking your dog with you on a trip adds responsibility to your trip, but you will make long-lasting memories. Your dog will get a break from his normal life. This will add excitement to your life and your dog’s life. Thus, buckle up and be prepared!

What is a dog-friendly hotel?

Most hotels do not allow pets inside. Therefore, check with the staff to find out if the hotel allows dogs or not. Dog-friendly hotels allow dogs to stay with you in your room, but the rules and regulations may vary from hotel to hotel. Some hotels only allow small breed dogs, some allow dogs of certain ages only, and some only allow less than three dogs.

Some dog-friendly hotels do not ask for an extra fee, while some add additional charges for your dog. This might have to be paid in advance, and it is usually non-refundable. Call your hotel staff and ask everything related to the fee. Calculate the total dog fee. It will help you to calculate the final budget for your trip. You can change your hotel if it is expensive for you. Hence, it is preferred to check everything before leaving. Confirm all rules and fee charges before making any decision.


Tips for staying in a dog-friendly hotel:

1.    Be sure to plan ahead

Preparing yourself beforehand will save you from stress and trouble later. You can do this by researching the hotels thoroughly. Do not pick a hotel at random. Your decision should be based on the personality of your dog. If your dog likes to stay outdoors, find a hotel with walkways and greenery around it. Make sure that the hotel is in a peaceful place if you are visiting a big city. It will help you and your dog because you both will need some time off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Other than that, make sure that you talk to your vet before leaving (How to take your dog out for adventures). Make sure your dog is vaccinated. Keep a keen check on the collar and ID tags of your bundle of joy. If your dog is microchipped, make sure that the information on it is up-to-date. 

2.    Request a room on the ground floor

Requesting a room on the ground floor will save you from a lot of trouble. Dogs get a bit cranky when they have to wait for something. Therefore, a room on other floors can cause them to act out whenever they need to pee or poop. This will make your trip stressful. Therefore, it is better to get a room on the ground floor or the first floor. It will also save you from getting your dog to climb stairs or forcing them into the elevator. Hence, choose carefully.


3.    Make sure harmful things are out of the way

Hotel rooms come with snacks and food items in the refrigerator. These rooms are full of items for the guests. Make sure to hide everything before letting your dog in. Dogs love to explore, and there is a high chance that he might end up eating something harmful. Other than that, make sure that you remove pointed items from the room as well. Make the room friendly for your dog.

4.    Use a dog crate

Carry a crate with you as well. Dog-friendly hotels have enough space for dogs, and they take care of the safety of your dog, but it is still better to keep your dog in a dog crate. It will save your dog from running whenever you open the door. Also, it will give him the feeling that he is still at home. Thus, make his crate comfortable for him.


5.    Cleaning your mess

It is important to take care of the cleanliness of the hotel. You have to ensure that your dog does not make a mess in the hotel, hotel room, or outside of the hotel. Keep the sheets and the blankets clean. Keep enough poop bags with you to scoop the poop from anywhere. Keep cleaners with you as well. Clean your dog and his paws before he enters the room.

6.    Give them plenty of exercise

Dogs have pent-up energy, and they need physical stimulation to keep them calm. Therefore, make sure to give your dog a walk or run before returning to your hotel room. He will go to sleep as soon as you enter the hotel room. It will give you enough time to relax and sleep.

Making your dog feel at home

Your dog needs to be calm and satisfied throughout your journey. It will make the journey happier and more fulfilling for you. You can manage their mood or attitude by providing them with a familiar environment. Take your dog’s favorite toys or items with you. Carry his blanket or something he sleeps on. Bring enough chew toys with you because it will help calm him down and use up his extra energy.


Dog-friendly hotel rules:

Following are the universal rules of all dog-friendly hotels:

  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed.
  • They will check the vaccination of your dog.
  • Your dog should not have fleas or ticks.
  • Should be discipline trained.
  • Should be housetrained.
  • Should be clean.


Taking your dog on trips is not extremely difficult. You will love spending time with your dog. Most dog-friendly hotels also allow you to leave the dog alone at the hotel. They will take care of the dog when you are away. You may have to pay extra cash for this, but it will keep you satisfied. You will not have to worry about your bundle of joy. Other than that, taking a vacation with your dog is fun!

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