We have been trying a whole host of innovative dog food products after we wanted to take a more conscientious approach to feed our dogs and seeing what we want and what is in line with it. As you know, the ethics, the packaging, or even the fact that your dog is based in the United Kingdom are not an important concern – it is what your dog eats is essential! Be conscious, it is very great if he eats something that ticks any of your other boxes, and we found something nice for us, Lily’s Kitchen. This is the Lily’s Kitchen – we love almost everything that is created by spoiler warning!

Lily’s Kitchen

Like I have said, we aim to be a little more conscientious in certain ways and one is choosing healthy food for our, local if possible and from who cares what goes into his food and not just how much benefit they can offer. Some dog foods are so completely dire, and while I feed my old dog in the past, I was young, had little money, and did not understand that today we have food consistency. I didn’t even think about it twice then and I guess other people didn’t think about it yet, so I’m happy we wake up a bit and care for something we feed our pets.

Lily’s kitchen is a highly valued metal for dogs over the age of 4 months and is nutritive-free dry dog food. It does not contain derivatives, containers, or fillers and instead includes raw ingredients. Sufficient beef is used, meat meal or rendered meat are not included. Lily was a border terrier whose owner was urged by veterinarians and nutritionists to develop wholesome, natural food and was glad to feed their loved dog. Lily’s kitchen delivers food, meals, and chews for dry and wet dogs and provides you the best to guarantee that much of your life is nutritious.

Lily’s Kitchen Dog Food Features

The dry dog food of Lily’s Kitchen looks like a standard dry dog meal with only natural ingredients that had been freshly prepared. Therefore, it is not inexpensive, but less expensive than raw dog food and Pure food, made from the newness of the process, and we are confident your pouch can try it. It is not too expensive, though!.

It has a high content of beef, including 31% chicken and 8% duck, and a healthy component of sweets potatoes (30%), which is a good source for bones and joint supplements with additional glucosamine and chondroitin as well as prebiotics for healthy digestion and vital nutrients for dogs’ health. The omega-3 fatty acids are well used in salmon oil, coat, heart-brain, and joints. This wholesome preparation also includes spices, vegetables, and important vitamins and minerals.

The main thing about the ingredients is to remember that everything was added to it in respect to consistency and for a direct reason that everything was typically used with some benefit to the health or to ensure the dog’s optimal health. Stuff like all organic food is certainly a positive bonus worth noting.

The minds behind Lily’s kitchen food are essentially concerned with your dog’s health and safety and with the right foods that are also validated by research and science. Dogs enjoy the food not only from my own experience but also from most other householders. If you’ve had a fussy eater as a cup, this meal may be your cure, because puppies sure enjoy this food.

It’s not like most dog treats that smell unpleasant and making me feel ill at many times. This one has a good scent, which I have eaten myself like those pre-made meals. My argument is that you might assume it comes out of the tin of better quality. My dog’s poor breath, or rather the lack of it, was something I knew myself. I found for a week after feating my puppy I noticed that his bad breath was gone, I think that the digestive system makes this dog food much better and you have less gas and bloat, etc that might lead to bad breath.

You also have clean ingredients which I listed on top of all that naturally support digestion, which is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

One nice thing about this diet is that my dog was grateful and had plenty of energy just eating that food. Neither had I had noticed some hyperactivity, nor had any other dog owners fed the food to their dog from some of my research.

Lily’s Kitchen is PFMA confirmed and also earns HRH The Prince of Wales’ Royal Warrant. So if that isn’t an incentive to pursue it, what is it?! This expensive dry dog food also tastes like royal pooches. Lily’s kitchen is also a B-Corp organization, which identifies businesses that behave favorably and that influence the environment positively.

It has everything your dog needs to keep in health and is full of natural vitamins and minerals. Serve with a fresh water bowl nearby

  •  Size of Dog: 1-5kg; Serving Size: 25-90g
  • Size of Dog: 6-10kg; Serving Size: 100-150g
  •  Size of Dog: 11-15kg; Serving Size: 160-200g
  •  Size of Dog: 16-25kg; Serving Size: 210-300g
  •  Size of Dog: 26-35kg; Serving Size: 300-380g

Because services can differ with age, race, exercise and even weather, use this chart as your general reference. For overweight dogs, feed 10 percent less than the existing recommendation. Weigh your dog on the right track every week. Contact your veterinarian if you are confused about your dog’s optimum weight, or if you think it is too fast or slow to lose weight.

  • Made of fresh chicken (31%), chicken liver (3%), sweet potatoes (8%), Freshly cooked duck (29%) 
  • Packed with berries, vegetables, and herbs
  • Promote stable bone & joint and strengthen the immune system
  • This natural goodness is free from derivatives, preservatives, or fillers.
  • Fresh ingredients, full nutrition, grain-free diets
  • Bone and joint help enhancing the immune system
  • Approximately £571/kg (12kg bag)
  • Amazon ratings 4.7

The Good Thing From The Lily’s Kitchen

1. Natural Pet Food

The title of this organization is the Proper Food for Pets. Real beef, organic foods, veggies, fruits, and spices are part of their recipes.

The webpage also shows what the composition percentage is. For instance, t For instance, the Puppy Recipe with Chicken, Potatoes & Carrots contains 67 percent chicken, 2 percent potatoes, and 1 percent carrots, among other ingredients.

You can find special diets, such as pea-free, vegan, sweet potato, meat-free, grain-free, and chicken-free at the website lilyskitchen.co.uk.

The business sells snacks, candy bars, delicacies, and Woofbursh Dental Chews in addition to the brand’s dog food.

2. Friendly for the environment

The business is famed for use of the bulk of its goods in recyclable containers. Dry dog food arrives in containers made of compostable materials and wet dog food is sold in easy-to-recycle aluminum tins and trays.

3. Refund Policy

People who buy Lily’s goods directly in the UK and Ireland will receive a refund or substitute if they are dissatisfied. Contact customer service just 14 days after arrival.

The Bad Thing From The Lily’s Kitchen

No shipment in the United States

In the United States, the items of Lily’s Kitchen are not generally available. Lily’s isn’t shipping to the United States. This business is based in Great Britain and only ships its goods to Great Britain and Ireland. The downside, however, might be that when you shop online it is hard to find or have a massive markup. Their goods can only be bought in the United States from some Amazon sellers.


On the kitchen of Lily, we enjoy this company now. We respect everything they stand for, their ethics, and their dog love (and cats). They sincerely think our animals are deserving of food and seek to provide it. You should read the list of ingredients and feel like you understand it and would be great when the food is made from natural ingredients! Or for more details, you can check out the 10 best dog foods to treat your pet perfectly! Thanks for your reading! We hope this useful information will help your dogs happier and healthier!

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