What to do if you find a stray cat

Many of us have been in a situation in which a stray cat follows us to our home. Sometimes cats start living around our home and try to come inside. Most people are unaware of what to do when this happens. Sometimes, people get scared and push them away. This could scare the cat, and sometimes it leads to cats getting into accidents.

Pets Uniq cares about all animals. Therefore, our team has prepared a list to help stray cats and people who find stray cats. Following are the most important steps that will help you care for a stray cat:

Identification of the cat

Sometimes people adopt stray cats. Therefore, if a cat looks like a stray cat, it is not always the case. It could be someone’s pet cat. You can differentiate between the two by judging the cat’s grooming style, health, and attitude. Pet stray cats can also get lost when they go out for a walk. Cats are extremely curious animals; therefore, they can wander off while trying to explore everything. Cats usually return on their own, but they get terrified if they wander off too far from home. Thus, they are unable to find their way back.

Therefore, if you find a stray cat, do the following to identify them:

  1. Try to get near the cat. Try petting her to see how she responds. If the cat is relatively friendly, check if she has a collar on. If you find a collar, your job is done. Most collars have the address, phone number, and other important information of the owner on them.
  2. Try to check if there are any posters of a lost cat in your neighborhood. Try asking nearby shops and houses if they have lost a cat or not. All of this is for a cat without a collar. Otherwise, you should contact the owner directly.
  3. If you are unable to find any identification mark on the cat, take other steps. This is for lost cats who are not reported in the local news, or whose family members do not come forward. You can take the cat to the vet nearby to check if she is microchipped or not. If there is no vet’s clinic nearby, take her to any animal center. Animal centers usually have the means to check if a cat is microchipped or not.

Finding the parents

If a cat is not wearing a collar or is not microchipped, do not label her as a stray cat. Some pet parents keep their pets free. Other than that, some cats resist wearing a collar or getting microchipped. Therefore, labeling her as a stray would be wrong. According to a survey by Cats Protection in 2014, 3000 cats had parents despite them being declared as stray cats. They were united with their parents due to this survey. Do the following to find the parents of a lost cat:

  • Carefully check all notice boards and bulletin boards within your vicinity. Read the description carefully as well. It is important to compare everything since sometimes, pet owners post very confusing pictures.
  • If you have some time on hand, take clear pictures of the cat and get posters made. You can add the place where you found it, your address, and your number. Spread it everywhere. Use social media to spread the news. You can post it in groups made to find lost cats. You can ask influencers and bloggers in your neighborhood to share it as well.
  • You can get them registered at your local lost and found center. You can tell all animal centers about the cat and send them some posters as well.

Caring for the cat

This stray cat will need your help and care to stay healthy and alive. You can take care of her by following the tips below:

  • Some people cannot keep a cat at home; hence, they end up worrying about it. You do not have to worry about it as you can provide her a shelter outside as well. You have to take care of her because you do not know how long she has not eaten or slept properly. Therefore, make a shelter out of sturdy cardboard. Add a blanket in it to keep her warm. Put food and water bowls nearby. Keep refilling the food and water bowls.
  • Sometimes, cats get injured when they are lost. If the cat has a visible injury, do not touch it in any case. It will make her worn out and aggressive. Try to cover the wound with something warm. Handle her with gentle hands.
  • If the cat is seriously sick or injured, do not do anything at home. Take her to a local vet and get her checked. Give her medicines and topical creams to help her recover. Otherwise, her injuries will keep growing.

Adopting a stray cat

If you have tried everything, but you are still unable to locate her parents, she might be a stray cat. Sometimes, owners kick their pets out; therefore, they will not accept her if you take her to them. Thus, you will have the option to adopt her. You can adopt her if she is getting along with you and is comfortable at your home.

However, you need to ensure that you are willing to take responsibility for the cat. Cats need extra care and help. They are an added responsibility to your otherwise normal life. They can be a financial burden as cat food, toys, and vet visits are expensive. You will have to take many precautions to keep her safe. It will require effort, time, and money. If you can handle this, the cat is yours.


This article is a small guide to help a lost cat. Cats are extremely fragile; therefore, treat her preciously. Other than that, you can give her to a nearby animal center. Her parents might find her from there. You do not have to take the trouble of keeping her. Just be careful, understanding, and kind to her.

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