When to say goodbye to your dog

Pets are a part of our families. It is hard to say goodbye to them. It breaks our hearts to think that they will be gone and we will never be able to pet them. The thought of living without their warm snuggles and cuddles eats us alive. Sometimes, however, this is the best decision for our pets.

People usually hesitate to euthanize their dogs. But your dog’s chances of surviving a terminal illness are practically nonexistent. It leaves your dog in extreme pain and problems. Therefore, it is better to make the tough decision of euthanizing your dog at an early stage than to let them suffer for a prolonged period before dying. Talk to your vet and discuss your options. Keep your emotions aside and think about what is best for your little fellow. It will be more comfortable for your dog to depart. Keeping him alive just because of your sentiments will make his death miserable and painful. 


Reasons to euthanize your dog

There are several reasons to euthanize a dog. Some of them are given below:

Terminal illness

Dogs are susceptible to many terminal illnesses. These leave the dogs in a wretched state. Some dogs are weaker and cannot recover from it. Other than that, a terminal disease weakens the body of your dog. He will become dependent on you for everything and might even start clinging to you. Some dogs need extreme care and might have to stay in the hospital after diagnosis. Your vet will tell you if you should expect his death or not, but most dogs with terminal illnesses are bound to die. There is no way out of this. Thus, it is usually recommended to euthanize a dog with a terminal illness. You can talk to your vet to find the intensity of his illness and make a wise decision.



Dogs with a terminal illness will need to visit the vet’s clinic frequently. These frequent visits may cause your dog to develop terrible anxiety. With each visit to the clinic, the stress will increase. Other than that, such illnesses usually induce anxiety in dogs on their own. It is nature’s way of warning the dog that he is in danger. An ill dog knows that he is an easy target. Therefore, anxiety is inevitable. He will start acting nervously around the house. It will become hard for you to calm your dog. He won’t listen to anyone and will start hiding in confined and small places to protect himself, which can be a huge problem as he won’t let you treat him. The pain he is undergoing will only add to his anxiety. Therefore, it is usually recommended to euthanize such a dog as you cannot help him in any other way.

Old age

Old age is another significant factor for euthanizing a dog. Younger dogs have greater chances of recovering from an illness, but older dogs have far less. Old age itself is an illness. Your dog could already have several underlying issues. These issues could double the suffering and pain of your dog. Therefore, keeping an old dog alive is nothing but torture. You are tormenting an old soul for the sake of your emotions and sentiments. It is best to let him go.


A longer time

This can be applied to dogs whose illness has been diagnosed at an early stage. People who have been through such an experience before know that it is better to euthanize a dog at an early stage of the illness as your vet can warn you. But people who are going through this for the first time wait till they have no other option. This is absurd as you are only making your dog miserable. Early diagnosis doesn’t mean that he is going to dodge the disease. He will likely still die due to the pain and trauma caused by the disease. Early diagnosis means that you can choose to put down your dog before he has to experience the brunt of the pain. Therefore, it is recommended that you euthanize the dog right after the diagnosis of a terminal illness.


Dogs who have terminal illnesses become dependent on us. They become incapable of doing anything on their own. You will have to clean for them and might even have to force-feed them or mash their food so that it is digestible for them. They will become stubborn and may demand your attention more often. Dog owners can manage this for a few days, but it is impossible to stick to this routine if you have a busy life. A dependent dog will hinder your daily life. He might even develop separation anxiety and never let you step out of the house. If you can put up with this for years, don’t euthanize your dog and concentrate on making his remaining time as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, euthanizing your dog will make your life easier while making his death easier.


Cost of getting your dog euthanized

It is tiresome to think about money when you are about to lose a loved one, but that is how the world works. You have to think about the cost before getting your dog euthanized. The price is a deciding factor, as many can’t afford to euthanize their dogs. Try comparing the cost of euthanizing with the cost of vet visits, medicines, and other expenses related to terminal illness to judge whether it is worth the money. You can get your dog euthanized for between 100 USD to 500 USD at small, local clinics. Some private and expensive clinics do it for 1000 USD, but they ensure that your dog doesn’t feel a thing. They handle him with love and care. 


Euthanizing your dog is understandably a hard decision to make. It takes a lot of courage and selflessness. You will have to imagine living without your dog, and your brain will run through all of your treasured memories together. You will get sad from time to time. But this decision isn’t about you; it is about your dog. Decide on what is right for your baby. If it offers your dog a way out of pain and suffering, make the right call.

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